Walton Hall - Warrington, Cheshire
What terrifying phenomena will you discover at Walton Hall?

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Dating back to 1836 Walton Hall was built in the Elizabethan style for Gilbert Greenall and his wife Lady Daresbury. Lady Daresbury is said to haunt the main staircase of the hall which is where it is believed she met her untimely demise, pushing unsuspecting visitors down the stairs whilst also wandering the rooms of her mansion as if almost looking for something or someone before appearing as a full apparition.

In the hall a sinister male presence makes himself known to people by showing himself as a shadow figure, ghostly footsteps can be heard wandering the corridors and upper rooms of the house, on occasions visitors have also reported the sensation of hands tightening around their throats to make it known they are not welcome, his presence is reported as feeling very heavy and unwelcoming and with a malevolent atmosphere that chills you to the bone.

Several other spirits have been witnessed at this historic location including that of a young girl who is said to be wandering the rooms of the house in search of her mother, making her anguish and emotions known to guests by passing her emotions onto unsuspecting guests.

Spirits of Walton Hall

There have been reports of many ghosts at Walton Hall including that of a young girl who is said to be wandering the rooms of the house in search of her mother, a dark shadow figure who lurks around the house watching you and a sinister male presence who is the dominant spirit of the house who's malevolent atmosphere will chill you to the bone.

History of Walton Hall

Walton Hall has stood on the site since 1836 and has seen its fair share of deaths within the house as well as in the surrounding gardens.

A number of people have resided here over the years including a noble man, a High Sheriff and a member of parliament all with tales of greed and sadness.

Many people have reported being strangled whilst they have slept, whilst others have seen a spirit wandering the corridors.

Is Lady Daresbury still looking for whoever pushed her down the staircase and this is why her apparition is seen so often?

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