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To reset your password, please follow the steps below.

1. Visit the login page here and follow the link on the login form or you can use the direct link here to start the reset process.

2. In the box provided enter your email address you used at the time of booking and click ‘Reset Password’

3 You should now receive an email in your inbox, if this has not arrived after a minute, please check your junk folder as sometimes they can find their way in there.

4. Please click the link in the email to reset your password. This link is valid for 5 minutes, if more than 5 minutes have passed, you will be informed and ask to request a password reset again, if this is the case, please start from step 1.

5. After clicking the link enter your new password and then enter it again below to confirm, if both passwords match you can continue and click ‘Reset Password’

6. You will now be sent to the login page where you will be asked to enter your email and new password to login.

To request a change to your account email address, please email us using our contact form

Note: To protect your account from possible unauthorized changes we request the below information which we will use to confirm your account.

Full name;
Current registered email address;
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My Booking

If you cannot attend your event for any reason you must let us know by email or phone even on the day of the event. Our team will have a guest list and will need to know if you are not attending so that they are not waiting for you.

We cannot put your places back up for sale on the website if you are unable to attend your event. However, if the place(s) price has been paid in full, your place(s) can be transferred to a third party and where applicable you can advertise your places for sale on our Facebook Group Page. However, these place(s) cannot be sold on any other advertising site due to the terms and conditions associated with them. Please note that Haunted Happenings accept no liability for any third party transactions made via this method nor will Haunted Happenings enter into any correspondence to help with this transaction.

It is your responsibility at the time of booking to ensure that you are able to make the event date as Haunted Happenings cannot offer a refund or transfer your places if you are unable to attend. Our locations are paid in advance and we are liable for these costs even if you cannot make the event. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. You must let us know if you are unable to attend an event up to the time of the event as the team will be waiting for you to arrive.

Yes, you can offer your place to a third party. However, they will need to agree with the T&C’s and we will need their name, address, mobile number and email address prior to their attendance.

Unfortunately not. All bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable, agreed to when booking. If you are no longer able to attend the event, please contact us to let us know. 

Yes, all deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you are no longer able to attend or you cannot pay your balance, please contact us to let us know. 

If we have to cancel your event for any reason then we will be in touch immediately to let you know. If this happens you will be given the opportunity to move your booking to another date. If you cannot attend any of the dates offered then we will credit your Haunted Happenings booking account with all monies paid for you to use on a future date or event of your choice.

We are a ticketless company so you do not need to print any booking confirmation emails. When you make a booking you are automatically placed on a guest list along with the number of people booked. Our team will have a guest list so when you arrive at the event, please state your booking name.

My Event

Every event has a safe area which is always lit. If you do become afraid and want to take time out you will be taken to the safe area until you are ready to resume the ghost hunt.

There are toilets at all of our locations. However, whilst most of the location facilities are of a high standard some of our locations are abandoned buildings and the toilet facilities can be unsavoury. We therefore suggest that you bring hand sanitiser to all of our events for your own personal use.

If you wish to leave early you must let a team member know. You will be asked to leave during a convenient time such as in between group activities or during a break. This is so that the event is not disrupted by your leaving as car parks may need to be unlocked etc. You must let a team member know if you are leaving so that you can be removed from our fire register.

Yes, you will need to bring your own torch. However, we prefer that head torches are not worn as they can blind other guests and cause accidents during the event.

We suggest that you warm wear layered clothing as some locations can be extremely cold whilst others are heated and can be quite warm. Flat, gripped shoes are mandatory as many of our locations are old buildings and have uneven surfaces. Also, some areas are outside where it can be wet and slippery.

We try very hard to work in small groups to give you the best experience possible. You will be kept with the person/people you have booked with throughout the event. If your group size is bigger than our normal group size, we may break your group down into two groups or you can elect to all stay together.

We do have many people who come on their own. This type of experience lends itself well to people working together whether alone or with somebody else. Those who come alone find themselves being very well looked after and extremely involved in all of the activities. The team are also very aware of people who are alone and will always do their best to ensure that you are involved and very much included.

You are very welcome to bring your own equipment, however, it is your responsibility to look after this on the event and you may be asked to switch off any equipment if it interferes with the vigil at any time.

If you find that you are struggling with stairs or have mobility issues that, although allows you to take part, may be more difficult then please let the team know right away. They will ensure that you do not feel rushed and that you can work at a pace that is comfortable and safe for you. We also have some locations that have full access for those with mobility issues. Please call and ask for these locations prior to booking.

You must let us know if you will be pregnant during your event. We will let you know if we feel that it is safe for you to attend depending on how far along in your pregnancy you will be at the time of the event. If we feel you would be to far along in your pregnany to attend, your Haunted Happenings account will be credited until you can attend in the future. No refunds will be given; see our T&C's.

We always try to accommodate our guests with free time during the event. However, at some locations this is not possible and may also change as advertised if there are changes to the location between your booking and the event itself.

Newsham Park - Liverpool

Newsham Park Ghost Hunt

Newsham Park

Asylum & Orphanage




30 East Drive 'The Poltergeist House'

30 East Drive Ghost Hunt

Places selling FAST!

Don't miss out!


Reputed to be one of the

most haunted houses!

Return to Tatton Old Hall

Tatton Old Hall Ghost Hunt

Tatton Old Hall

Knutsford, Cheshire

A haunted manor house with a reputation for extreme paranormal activity!


Pendle Witch Weekend

Pendle Hill Witch Weekends And Ghost Hunts, Lancashire


The ultimate ghost hunting weekend!


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