Ghostly Face Appears in Group Photo at Newsham Park
Monday 4th April 2022

Do you remember this photo that was captured at Newsham Park Hospital and Orphanage?

Back in 2017, this chilling image was captured whilst one of our team members, Phil, took a group photo of our Haunted Happenings guests at the start of our event at Newsham Park Hospital and Orphanage, as we do on all our events. Although all was not as it seems...

Ghost Captured at Newsham Park Hospital

During a interview with Daily Record, Phil, our Haunted Happenings team member says: “We always begin our ghost hunts with a picture of the group, I have done this many times and this is exactly what I did. I took the picture on my phone and just put it in my pocket, I didn’t even look at it."

“It wasn’t until the next morning, after it had been posted to Facebook with other pictures from the night, that I saw it.” 

Once we noticed the ghostly face on the photo, we tried to debunk it by asking every guest that was on the photo whether they remembered this person but they didn't.

Can you spot the ghostly figure?

Newsham Park once a Orphanage, Hospital and Asylum is often considered one of Liverpool's most haunted buildings and since its closure in 1992 the building has fallen into a state of disrepair and it is the ultimate ghost hunting location for those wishing to spend the night in a frightening and very active building.

With even more areas to investigate including The psyche cinema, hidden corridors and of course and the infamous naughty boys corridor.

The building dates back to the Victorian era where punishments were harsh and cruel and this sprawling building now lies empty and abandoned with a sinister and frightening feel to it. The many corridors, wards, accommodation blocks and particularly the naughty boys corridor are the epitomy of a haunted building and we have exclusive access for the whole night.

Find out what ghostly inhabitants still reside here! BOOK NOW!

Original artical published by The Mirror

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