When guests such as yourself are selecting a haunted location it is fantastic to read about what others have already experienced during their time at their event. If you could take a little time to send us your experience on one of our events this would really help other guests to make their choices. We know it may not be the same experience for every location but ghost hunting is like that.

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Middleton Hall Ghost Hunt

Omg what an amazing night .... we're all still getting over our Fantastic experiences from the night

~ Melissa R ~
Tatton Old Hall Ghost Hunt

Great night!! Table tipping was amazing topped right over and we all had our hands on dead lightly only four of us! Gorgeous creepy building and the gorgeous deer so many of them including majestic stags! Team were fabulous, fun and knowledgeable, they are fantastic facilitators. I took a few weird photos nothing majorly conclusive and think there is an explanation probably but will post and see what you think thanks again we appreciate the organisation haunted happenings put into the events

~ Georgina C ~
Ghost Hunt at The House That Cries

Had a great night at the house that cries, loads of activity!!
Third ghost hunt I’ve done all have been good but this was so far the best!!
Look forward to seeing the HH team in 2024 either steelhouse lane or Shrewsbury prison or maybe even both.
Great night!!!

~ Andrew P ~
Tatton Old Hall Ghost Hunt

I really enjoyed my first ghost hunting experience, the table tipping was unbelievable

~ Karen R ~
Ghost Hunt at Newsham Park Abandoned Asylum and Orphanage

Amazing night - those shadows - mind blown!

~ Steffi T ~
Ghost Hunt at Shepton Mallet Prison

Thanks for a great night! It was amazing to connect with so many spirits ! Will defo come again!! The team were brilliant! Very knowledgeable! Great experiences! Absolutely loved it all! thank you so much

~ Ben F ~
Ghost Hunt at Shepton Mallet Prison

Thank you HH for another amazing ghost hunt. Laura and myself had a great time. Can’t wait to book our next hunt

~ Nadine N ~
Ghost Hunt at Newsham Park Abandoned Asylum and Orphanage PLUS FREE Entry to Newsham ScreamPark

So amazing the team was great and can't wait to go back next year in march

~ Nicola S ~
Tatton Old Hall Ghost Hunt

Thank you so much for last night. What an incredible experience we will be back

~ Kirsty J ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt at Shepton Mallet Prison

One of the best nights of my life would definitely do it again and the team made us feel really welcome couldnt ask for a better team you all did amazing hopefully see you all again soon

~ Lisa W ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt at Tatton Old Hall

Had an amazing time.....just wished we could have stayed longer

~ Sharon I ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt at The Nunnery

First time ever been to this type of event and loved the whole experience. Definitely recommend the Nunnery for the best time ever, and the host were excellent.

~ Jo H ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt at Steelhouse Lane

Thanks for being so helpful and professional, it was our first ghost hunt but it won't be our last.

~ Lisa E ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt at Kelvedon Hatch Bunker

Thank you Everyone for a great night

~ Richard P ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt at The Rifles Museum

Excellent evening and lovely people, thank you

~ Gina G ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt at The Rifles Museum

It was a great evening the best for me was a Japanese Soldier attatched to the Samuri swords and the little room upstairs with the light ball going crazy the door slamming and locking and the end in the library.

~ Ben M ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt Antwerp Mansion

It was my first ghost hunt, really interesting night, using the equipment and listening to the stories from the rest of the group.... Will definitely be booking again... Thanks to the team for guiding us through the night, great job

~ Yvonne G ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt at Shrewsbury Prison

Fabulous night, can’t wait to get the next booked up

~ Amanda F ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt at Dorchester Prison

I'm still buzzing from that experience last night and felt overwhelmed with the personal interaction our table had with my brother and our dad coming through to us.

~ Beverley E ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt at Dorchester Prison

Wow!!!!! What can I say, I came as a semi believer and my wife a non believer, but now we both believe in the paranormal due to the shared experiences within Dorch prison. We tried the ouija board and for us had not much luck but other groups where successful. Walking away from that I felt like it was all in the minds of people until we tried table tipping. It’s just a normal little wooden table but with our fingers face up on table and a lot, a lot of energy from us it moved, not once but multiple times and the it tipped! The bloody thing tipped up, again several times. The whole event was so well organised with a dedicated and informative team, just to have the chance to wander around the prison alone with the ghost hunting tech supplied by the team was great. Thanks so so much Haunted Happenings team for an amazing night. Will definitely do this again!!

~ Ed W ~

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