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Tatton Old Hall Ghost Hunt

Such a good night once again, I had an absolute blast, the group and the HH team done an amazing job
Myself and Stacey are already talking about dates to go back up to Tatton Hall.

~ Joe E ~
Ghost Hunt at Newsham Park Abandoned Asylum and Orphanage

Best time had by all! Can't wait for the next one!

~ Clearlux H ~
Warwick Castle Ghost Hunt

What a wonderful night thank you so much

~ Vivienne D ~
Warwick Castle Ghost Hunt

An experience I'll never forget, thank you!

~ Fiona C ~
Warwick Castle Ghost Hunt

Had an amazing night, plenty of activity and spirits visiting several people, thanks HH

~ Gill M ~
Warwick Castle Ghost Hunt

Brilliant night had I can't wait for the next one (a lot of boxes ticked) I'm still buzzing.
H H it's been a pleasure

~ Andy M ~
Ghost Hunt at Newsham Park Abandoned Asylum and Orphanage

What an amazing location - never experienced anything quite like it. Thank you for a great evening

~ Beverley T ~
George Jarvis School Ghost Hunt

What an amazing location - never experienced anything quite like it. Thank you for a great evening

~ Lottie S ~
George Jarvis School Ghost Hunt

Had a brilliant night, was just such an experience. Will definitely be doing it again. The celler on our last contact was just crazy, and as we walking out there was someone walking and banged something and then all of a sudden a gust of wind came from no where. We popped back in there when we were leaving and it wasn't freezing anymore and it was silent couldn't believe it. Brilliant experience.

~ Ellen P ~
Ghost Hunt at Shrewsbury Prison

Amazing experience definitely doing this again loved doing the tipping tables.

~ Victoria F ~
Gloucester Prison Ghost Hunt

First time on an event and it definitely won’t be the last.

~ Liam C ~
Ghost Hunt at Shrewsbury Prison

had an absolute brilliant night need to do it again thanks guy

~ Halima H ~
Gloucester Prison Ghost Hunt

Table tipping was so much fun. Think our group upset the nurse in her office! In the cells of the medical wing I think 5 woman was to much for Eric in his cell lol. Strange coincidence in the “glass” experience…. During personal time cell sixteen kept coming out of spirit box to which we went in there as asked to be screamed at to leave When we went back in the wing a glass exploded in cell 16 for one reason!? Nobody was near it or touched it. Make of it what you will but for us it was definitely interesting.
Staff were very friendly and fun. Knew their history of the prison and very respectful. They NEVER “pushed” suggestions of sound, movement or beliefs it was totally our experience’s within our groups. Definitely a few things that couldn’t be explained in places and that got people talking.
Thank you all. Definitely do again with these. Perfect end to my birthday. Thanks guys!

~ Lisa R ~
Gloucester Prison Ghost Hunt

The evening ways amazing. The table tipping was crazy in the nurse room. Even had it spinning on my own. Got to say I was screaming come on. Brilliant. Glass turning was very emotional for one of our group and nice for another. Was our first time but definitely not the last.

~ Paul S ~
Ghost Hunt at Newsham Park Abandoned Asylum and Orphanage

Me and Del had such a good night, I got touched twice, we will definitely come back

~ Claire A ~
Skirrid Inn Ghost Hunt and Supper

We had a absolute amazing night! thank you so much

~ Kelly B ~
Tatton Old Hall Ghost Hunt

Was a fantastic night with excellent guests and the team were amazing,helpful and very knowledgeable about the hall and land.cant wait for the next location now...a big thank you to the team.

~ Alan H ~
Rifles Museum Ghost Hunt

Had an amazing tome tonight guys. I will post the 2 pictures captured on my camera. Once again thank you for a great night. Xx

~ Donna C ~
Rifles Museum Ghost Hunt

Had a great night. Thanks HH for hosting. Did a brilliant job! Definitely looking forward to more with Haunted Happenings Official Page ??

~ Mark H ~
Kelvedon Hatch Bunker Ghost Hunt

What an amazing night! Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience as newbies with my little sis Nadine Totterdell and the boy James Thomas Cooling.
Well done to the lovely guys who ran this event lastnight. 10 out 10!

~ Romaine T ~

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