Team Photos - Weekend Commencing 17th March 2022
Wednesday 23rd March 2022

Haunted Happenings Event photos for the weekend commencing 17th March 2022.

(Sorry, not all photos have been published as some have not turned out very well.)

30 East Drive - Thursday 17th March

What a fantastic and unnerving night we all had at East Drive with activity coming from all angles. In Philips room our guests were being affected by the spirits with hot and cold sensations as well as one female guest feeling as if someone was holding her shoulders and pushing her down. Just as we called out to the spirits our equipment frantically began to activate and let our guests know they were not alone and what was to come.

Thank you so much to all our guests, it really was an absolute pleasure to investigate with you all. We hope to see you all again soon at another dark and spooky location.

39 De Grey Street - Friday 18th March

What an amazing night at 39 De Grey Street . The night started with dark shadows being seen, trigger objects lighting up, cradles moving on their own and the EMF meter being activated.
All of our Haunted Happenings guests put so much energy into the night which helped so much on the ouija boards and tables, with knocks being  heard in response.

The Estest was quite amazing, words like “help me” “on the stairs” came through on different times with different people. Sometimes this place feels vulnerable, but can switch to quite terrifying. A few screams were definitely heard.  
It was a brilliant night with fantastic guests. This place definitely needs more investigation.

The Ancient Ram Inn - Friday 18th March

A great night at the Ancient Ram Inn, with activity right from the off. The Barn was particularly active, with people being touched, stroked, cold breezes whirling around, rem bear lighting, K2 lighting, and cat balls.

There was alot of Ouija Board activity in the attic and great table tipping in the Bar! The Bishops Room brought forward a highwayman, communicating using the red torch!

Armley Mills - Friday 18th March

What a great night at Armley Mills! The highlight from the night was when the same spirits coming through on the Ouija Boards for several different guests and some very emotional personal messages! There were lots of unexplained noises coming from areas where no one was, including rolling wooden doors on three occasions.

Many guests captured spirit photography during the night. The table tipping was successful alongside the Alice box, which confirmed information obtained on the boards. The final vigil in the upper level of the mills was a grand finale with almost all of the equipment activated on request! A fabulous night with equally fabulous guests!

Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker - Friday 18th March

Such a great night at Kelvedon Hatch with so much activity although the atmosphere felt very heavy when we first arrived. From the off in the tunnel area shadows were seen moving around, guests were being touched and a number of guests all saw a male figure in the middle of the circle, all describing the same thing. Male voices were clearly heard talking and in only one room a female voice was heard coming from the tunnoy which had previously been switched off! 

We also had some fantastic table tipping with all three groups with the table up on one leg and spinning, the planchette gave us some interesting responses while using the Ovilus and Ghost Radio - the information we had coming through throughout the night was amazing.

The night was great, the guests were amazing - all took part and did their bit (even though we had a lot of newbies) and really gave their all. Well done guys - hope to see you all again soon on another Haunted Happenings ghost hunt.

30 East Drive - Saturday 19th March

An interesting night at East Drive. During the first vigil the cat toys were activated, K2 hits, two guest's names were called out on the Alice box and a bell was heard. The music box was very active on the stairs and both groups had success on the glass and one had good table tipping in the kitchen.

The vigil in the living room had cat toys going off in the hallway. During the last vigil upstairs, the guests had lots of cat toy activity and k2 hits. Strangest thing was when all but two guests had left and was packing up two objects were pushed off the fireplace in the kitchen. 

The Four Crosses - Saturday 19th March 

Another fabulous night at The Four Crosses with some brave guests spending the night after the event in the bedrooms. Interesting activity throughout the event with guests being touched and K2’s spikes. The Copper Dowsing square and Ouija Board was also responsive to our questions.

During the second half of the evening, the table tipping was a little slow however watch and wait vigil brought us lots of activity, the spirit box especially mentioned a number of guests names, especially the one guest that ended up sleeping in the attic that night was told to leave. Once the event was closed at 2am, the guests that had decided to sleep over continued on investigating for a short period of time before heading to bed. 

Newsham Park - Saturday 19th March

This location always gives us snippets of information but keeps its secrets hidden. This is an amazing place to investigate as you never know what can happen.
I had the pleasure of the laundry area for the night and many of our Haunted Happenings guests experienced being touched, whispering in their ears and a feeling of dread. This mainly happened in the locker room area.
Speaking to the team, they also experienced unexplained activity with the ouija board and tables. Voices were heard or DVP’s in certain areas and some of our guests felt quite vulnerable for no reason at all.
Amazing night and fantastic investigators. You made the night very enjoyable.

St Johns Mansion - Saturday 19th March

Great time at St John's, with odd activity happening, even before the guests arrived! Unexplained ringing of a bell, and possible poltergeist activity in the attic, where chairs we had placed around a table for a later vigil were unexplainably found pushed away from the table!

Guests experienced brilliant table tipping, Ouija Board activity and gadgets lighting up in the cellar. Watch and wait in the school room gave knocks, shadows and cat toys activating!

The Skirrid Inn - Saturday 19th March

During the vigil in bedroom 1, the spirits did not disappoint with a few people being touched along with shadows being seen and people being blacked out from viewing on a few occasions! In the downstairs bar area whilst table tipping, the table tipping went once again - off the scale and marched to the bar to get a drink and then return to the table which the spirit resides in the bar.

For the second half of the night, conducting the Ouija Board in the lounge both groups had slight activity with a few personal messages coming through and the watch and wait vigils in bedroom 2 allowed many guests to witness shadows moving around the room, including a tall dark figure in the corner by the wardrobe. However, 2 guests saw a nearly full white figure stood next to one of the team members briefly on two occasions in quite quick succession while leading the call outs! Overall, a good night, great guests and most groups witnessed some activity!






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