The Nunnery, fast becoming a paranormal hotspot for ghostly activity
Wednesday 30th March 2022

The Nunnery in Malvern has become a haven for hardened ghost hunters.  The brave investigators have stated that this intense experience is not for the faint-hearted and things can get very hairy during an investigation.  Working completely in the dark with only the beam of a torchlight things really do go bump in the night.  Figures have been seen walking along the eerie tunnels and cloisters, people have also complained of being touched.  One ghost hunter even heard a creepy voice whisper in his ear as he walked into the Chapel, this left him trembling in fear. With so much happening on every ghost hunt, it would be fair to say that The Nunnery really is the place to be if you enjoy witnessing the paranormal.

The Nunnery was purposely built and used as a Convent for over 250 Nuns and continued to do so so for over a hundred years.  Ghost hunters have said that when you are inside the building you get a real sense of the protection afforded to the Nuns who lived here.  Although The Nunnery is now abandoned, when you walk through the vast building which includes the basement and accommodation areas you can see how they would have lived.

The Chapel itself is magnificent and awe inspiring although there is a real sense of trepidation as you walk into it. There have apparently been many ghost sightings within The Nunnery with chanting and whispered voices heard on many occasions.  As you make your way through the maze of corridors down into the basement the atmosphere really changes and people have reported shadow figures and objects being moved as well as unexplained noises.

There is no electricity and everything is pitch black.  This really is an opportunity for ghost hunters who are able to withstand this type of atmosphere when trying to make contact with the previous residents of this daunting location

You can join us on a ghost hunt in this terrifying location and experience the ghostly activity first-hand.  You are also welcome to use your own ghost hunting equipment.  Working in small groups you will be able to ghost hunt in many areas of this vast building including the Chapel, tunnels and secret rooms.  

You can book your place on a night at The Nunnery and witness the activity for yourself.


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