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Haunted Happenings are the UK's most popular ghost hunting company.  Established for almost a decade and renowned for creating the most innovative and exciting ghost hunts imaginable, Haunted Happenings have worked on ghost hunting promotional events with Media Partners such as Living TV, BBC, ITV Borders, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, Cast of Emmerdale, InMidtown, X-Factor Finalists, Big Brother Contestants, Showcase Cinemas, Marmite and so much more as well as being consulted on the ghost hunting experience by BBC Radio, Local Channels, Magazines such as The Lady, Take A Break and Marie Claire. 

Working with David Hasselhoff and Scott Mills in Living TV’s, "Living with The Hoff" was such a successful ghost hunt event and one that Haunted Happenings will remember for a long time to come. 

If you have a project or wish to work with Haunted Happenings as a media partner then please get in touch as we would be delighted to hear from you.  Ghost hunts lend themselves well to a unique and highly promotional experience in all aspects of media, working with celebrities and also as a hugely desirable competition prize.

  • Ghost Huntiing ITV
  • Warner Brothers
  • BBC Ghost Hunting Talk Shows
  • Paramount Pictures
  • Ghost Hunting with Living TV with David Hasselhoff

Below are just a few of the media projects that Haunted Happenings have been involved in. This experience lends itself well to unique promotions and activities and with our highly skilled team and Media relations please get in touch if you have a project that we can help with.

  • Filming with David Hasselhoff for Living TV
  • Filming with Scott Mills for Living TV
  • Filming with Kerry Katona for Channel 5 – Don’t Tell The Bride
  • Filming with Big Brother Contestants for Channel 5 at Viaduct Tavern - London
  • Filming with ITV Borders at Jedburgh Jail
  • Filming with SKY TV at Tutbury Castle
  • Haunted Happenings Team Members working on Halloween Live for Living TV.
  • Promotional Event with X-Factor Finalists – London Tombs

  • Working with the cast of ITV Soap Emmerdale at Armley Mills in Leeds
  • Promotional Event with Paramount Pictures/Living TV – Paranormal Activity
  • Promotional Event with Warner Brothers and other Film Producers for horror releases such as The Hole, Insidious, Woman In Black, Annabelle, Drag Me To Hell, Paranormal Activity 2 and 3, The Strangers, Evil Dead, The Conjuror and many more.
  • BBC Radio Interviews, Absolute Radio Interviews and many local radio stations.
  • Competitions with Showcase Cinema, Living TV, Absolute Radio, Marmite, Strongbow and many more.
  • Magazine Articles with Marie Claire, Take A Break, Fate and Fortune, Britain Magazine, The Lady Magazine, Spirit and Destiny, Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph

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