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Are you looking for the ultimate ghost hunting experience? look no further. We have taken over 100,000 guests on ghost hunts at the UK's most haunted locations.

Ghost hunting is becoming extremely popular and we are the UK's premier ghost hunting company offering hundreds of ghost hunts where you become the ghost hunter for the night. Working alongside our team you will get to take part in fascinating experiments such as table tipping, glass moving, vigils and séances along with the more modern ghost hunting techniques.  Join us on one of our unique ghost hunts and challenge your fears as we take you on an incredible journey of terror, mystery and intrigue.


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Absolutely brilliant, cell 7 C block was very intense, very uncomfortable with what spirit Philip, said. Looking for another now. Organizers were excellent.
Shrewsbury Prison Ghost Hunt - Maggie Williams

Had a great night, we had extremely responsive knocks bangs and noises in request, even sounded like someone was knocking on the table in front of us at one point, and another it sounded like someone was walking round us. Different coloured lights were seen in the barn, and we were all effected in various ways. Absolutely amazing place, I love it! Great night thank you very much!
Ghost Hunt at Ancient Ram Inn - Kevin Warrener

Thank you so much for a fantastic, Anne and Jeanette thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was a great group to be part of. Like you say there was some subtle activity and much rather that and it be genuine. We will be back!
30 East Drive Ghost Hunt - Jean Scriven

Amazing!! Really want to come again, love it how you experience something very real, naughty boys corridor was the best! Can't thank the guys enough for giving us a brilliant and fab experience for our first time!! The energy and presence you feel is something else, definitely felt someone in the naughty boys room with me the whole time I was in there.
Newsham Park Abandoned Asylum And Orphanage Ghost Hunt - Chloe Abrahams

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Who will you meet on one of our ghost hunt events?

Are you brave enough to encounter the darkness or challenge your fears some of the most terrifying locations that the UK has to offer? If so then join us now as we carry out overnight ghost hunts in some of the UK's most haunted buildings which include abandoned asylums, haunted old hospitals, Creepy mansions, Medieval Pubs and Inns, haunted houses, terrifying castles and so much more.

Haunted Happenings are organisers of overnight ghost hunts, ghostly sleepovers, European ghost tours, paranormal tours, haunted weekends, ghost nights, haunted nights, ghost tours and spooky nights at the UK’s Most Haunted locations. We have also had the most amazing experience ghost hunting alongside media partners such as David Hasselhoff, Scott Mills, Kerry Katona, Emmerdale Cast, X-Factor finalists and so many horror films such as Insidious, Paranormal Activity and The Hole to name but a few. Ghost hunts are a unique and fascinating event and anybody who has been brave enough to join us on one of our overnight ghost hunting events will testify to this.

We welcome all ghost hunters, those who have done it many times before and those who are new to ghost hunting and are brave enough to challenge their fears for the very first time.

Join us on an overnight ghost hunt or spend the weekend with us on one of our many weekend ghost tours. You can also join us as we embark on our European ghost tours. These are definitely not to be missed.

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