Strelley Hall - Strelley Village, Nottinghamshire
carry out experiments in an attempt to make contact with the residents who are still haunt here

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Strelley Hall in Nottingham is a haunted house with a very long and torrid past. Dating back to the 1200s, this property has a number of rooms to explore, beneath which lie a network of cellars which are sure to send a chill down even the most hardened ghost hunter. Your overnight ghost hunt at Strelley Hall offers a genuine opportunity to experience paranormal activity in a truly haunted house, carrying out experiments in an attempt to make contact with the residents who are still thought to haunt here. Join us for a terrifying ghost hunt as we explore Strelley Hall after dark!

Strelley Hall

Ghosts of Strelley Hall

Strelley Hall is a haunted mansion that has seen its fair share of macabre history, but it most certainly has everything you could wish for when looking for a building to investigate for paranormal activity. With numerous reports of sightings, unexplained noises and even Poltergeist activity there are plenty of areas to explore and lots of opportunities to gather evidence to support these tales. So much has occurred during our events here which have left people feeling that they have been part of a ghostly experience. Strelley Hall is sinister and a lot of the spirits that are here do nothing to rid us of this fact.

History of Strelley Hall

Strelley Hall sits in a small village in Nottingham, with a reputation for ghostly sightings and paranormal activity. Originally built as a Castle in the 1200s, the current building has many period features, including an underground room known as the Dungeon and the Panelled Room dating back to Georgian times. This night of Ghost Hunting at the very haunted Strelley Hall will give you the chance to explore this haunted location and carry out experiments in search of genuine paranormal activity. It is believed that this was erected about 1200 AD. Pevsner says there was a medieval tower which is now incorporated into the modern Strelley Hall forming the Castle Room, the Castle bedroom above it and just a little of the half-window room above that. There is also a medieval cellar below the Castle Room.

The Gate Lodge has some medieval walls, particularly those abutting the road. The formation of the walls is similar to the Church and therefore may have been constructed at a similar time. At the North end of the car park at the front of the main building is an underground room known as The Dungeon. Although it was used as a dungeon to imprison poachers even in the 20th century, it was almost certainly constructed as a cellar and the nature of the stonework suggests it was contemporary with the other medieval parts of the building.

There are two other rather likely medieval remnants. One was found when the West wall of the triple garage was being built and a remnant is built into that wall. The other was found when a chimney breast was being re-built at the North end of the Queen Anne Lounge but at first floor level.

Dowsers have visited the site to investigate ancient walls. Many people have independently verified that there are the remains of a medieval wall running across the lawn to the South of the Main Hall. It is believed to be about a metre thick and about 30 metres long. An attempt has been made to dig to try and find it. It appears that it was a relatively modern (last few hundred years) brick path leading from what was the main street through Strelley to what was at the time the rear or utility area of Strelley Hall. The remarks above indicate that the first Strelley Hall was a very considerable size.

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