Stanley Palace - Chester, Cheshire
The intensity of the paranormal activity witnessed here will test any ghost hunters nerves.

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Stanley Palace is a 15th Century Medieval Mansion in the heart of Chester where ghosts and apparitions have been experienced on a regular basis. Such is the intensity of the paranormal activity witnessed here, that ghost hunters are flocking to Stanley Palace in the hope that they too will witness something truly paranormal.

With sightings of figures looming over the staircase caught on camera, along with eye witness accounts of objects being moved in front of peoples eyes, plus the phenomena of ghost hunters feeling as if they are constantly being watched, it is only right that we give you the opportunity to Ghost Hunt inside this haunted building with the Haunted Happenings Team. 

Ghosts of Stanley Palace

The ghostly phenomena here is overwhelming. It is very rare that we can spend the night inside a haunted building with a reall expectation of seeing or sensing something paranormal. Even the most hardened sceptic would have difficulty believing that ghosts do not exist when locked inside Stanley Palace for the night.

Photographic evidence has been captured of three figures looming over the staircase. Ghost Hunting at Stanley Palace in Chester will definitely not be for the faint-hearted. In fact the activity here may even outwit the most hardened ghost hunters. 

With so many uses over the Centuries, including being used as a boys school and built over a priory there are many, many layers of history to uncover and so much curiosity as to who or what is haunting this daunting building.

History of Stanley Palace

Built in the 1600's on the grounds of an old Priory, Stanley Palace has had many uses during its historic period. Initially built as a home for Sir Peter Warburton and inherited by his daughter, it became known as Stanley Palace upon her marriage to James Stanley.  

It has been altered in many ways since this period, which in turn has had an impact on the deterioration of the building itself. However, in the 1870's it housed a boy’s school and life returned to this old mansion. The council took over the building in the 1920's and it has had multiple uses since.  

The layers of history attached to Stanley Palace are the most intriguing elements of this building. What secrets does it hold and who or what is haunting it and why? These are the questions that we hope to answer during our overnight ghost hunts here inside this magnificent ghost hunting location.

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