Gloucester Prison - Gloucester

HMP Gloucester has a long and chilling history with many of the executed criminals remain buried in the grounds of the prison. Some of the most infamous serial killers have been incarcerated within the walls of Gloucester Prison. The prison formally closed on 31 March 2013 but the suffering and torment is deeply etched within the fabric of this forboding location.

Originally built as the County Gaol in 1700s at a cost of £34,000 with a capacity of 350 prisoners each in separate cells, there were also separate cells for debtors of both sexes. Between 1792 and 1864 at least 102 executions took place using the considered more humane 'New Drop' style gallows with many of the executed being buried in unmarked graves where they still remain today.

Join the team as we spend the night at the terrifying HMP Gloucester with the tormented souls that remain.

Location Address

Gloucester Prison
HMP Gloucester
Barrack Square
Tel: 0115 9720570
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