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HH & Spooky Nights is the biggest ghost hunting company in the UK. We investigate well known haunted locations across Britain and allow guests to join us Ghost Hunting. Keep up to date with news and stories from HH & Spooky Nights and learn about haunted locations, investigations and all things paranormal here.

Man home alone films 'haunted dolls moving on their own' inside glass cabinet

Chad Gassert was home alone when he said he spotted three dolls 'moving on their own' inside a cabinet in his living room - so he started filming for evidence before sharing it online

Woman marries ghost of 300 years olds

Ms Teague told The Washington Post that she started exploring spirituality after her 3-month-old son, Thomas, died of sudden infant death syndrome in 2010.

5 most supernatural and spine-chilling haunted places in Britain

If your interest in all things spooky extends to travelling there are quite a few places you can drop in to see if you dare.

The Haunting of 136 Clinton Avenue

On a cold December night in 1878 Edward F. Smith decided to walk down to the Myrtle avenue police station. He hadn’t had much sleep in the past two weeks and was beginning to question his own sanity.

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