Newsham Park Hospital Ghost Hunts
The abandoned Newsham Park Hospital & Orphanage is a location like no other and an experience that you will NEVER forget...

An overnight ghost hunt at Newsham Park Hospital with Haunted Happenings is the ultimate ghost hunting experience as the abandoned Newsham Park Hospital and Orphanage is the perfect setting.

This sprawling Victorian grade II listed building in Liverpool is derelict but in the past has been used as an Orphanage, a Psychiatric Hospital and Old Person's Nursing Home throughout its 138 year history. Boarded up and surrounded by perimeter fencing, Haunted Happenings have 99,000 sq ft of terrifying corridors and rooms to explore as we enter this building in search of the ghostly inhabitants that still reside here. The areas themselves are so vast that we select the most active for our overnight ghost hunts.

Ghost Hunts at Newsham Park Hospital


The institution was opened in 1874 as an Orphanage for the education and support of the orphans of British seamen and by 1899 there were 321 children housed here under the harsh supervision of a number of Matrons. Conditions were harsh and cruel, siblings were segregated and "they weren't fussy how they punished you" described one former resident. The First World War brought more residents to the Orphanage and by 1918 almost one thousand orphans were being housed here.

The Orphanage eventually closed in 1951 and became Newsham Park hospital which remained in operation until 1988 when it closed down completely, beginning the demise of this spooky building which is now used for many paranormal investigations by Haunted Happenings. The abandoned Hospital has a massive array of spooky rooms, corridors and basements, including a School House, hospital wards, nurses accommodation, Bell Tower, Chapel and Mortuary. There is an instant feeling of uneasiness as you enter and begin your journey into this frightening location. On a Haunted Happenings overnight ghost hunt at Newsham Hospital You will not fail to sense the torment of those who belong to its long and torrid history. Wheelchairs sit empty in corridors and the mortuary fridges exist as a cold reminder of the lives that passed over in this place, giving this location a unique and frightening atmosphere.

Although the building has laid empty for many years, during our overnight ghost hunts here there have been numerous reports of paranormal activity here from security staff and workmen alike. Distant voices have been heard from within the empty building, shadowy figures have been seen darting down the stairwells and workmen's tools have disappeared only to turn up in a completely different part of the building. Could this be the work of mischievous children from the Orphanage coming forward to make themselves known?

The abandoned Newsham Park Hospital & Orphanage is a location like no other and an experience that you will NEVER forget. The opportunity to investigate a building like this is rare and Haunted Happenings have exclusive access for the night. Who or what will you encounter?

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