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Ghost Hunt at Shepton Mallet Prison with Optional Sleepover

Honestly what a great night. My second ever time doing a ghost hunt and the whole set up and people running the place were soo kind and friendly. Thank you soo much for a scary but exciting event!

~ Jack J ~
Ghost Hunt at Shepton Mallet Prison with Optional Sleepover

One of my best nights, and thanks to all our hosts, who were great. For me, the highlights were the Morgue, and our arms being forced into the air, the body dowsing, which was affecting me in the corner the same as the centre dowsed, who I couldn’t see, seeing lights and shapes in the infirmary and an apparition in one particular wing, some great interaction with the glasses and a bizarre experience with the ouija. I think I managed to experience everything last night!
Along with a really interesting pendulum experiment, this was a real highlight for me, with so many things happening this tops my last time at the Skirrid, and that was tough to beat! I’ll have to return!

~ Tom S ~
Ghost Hunt at Bolling Hall

Thank you so much, fantastic night, lots of information and night just flown so fast.

~ Madara R ~
Ghost Hunt at Bolling Hall

Was a great experience! Thankyou

~ Abigail P ~
Tatton Old Hall Ghost Hunt

Brilliant night! Definitely made a believer of me.
Thanks folks

~ Robert J ~
Tatton Old Hall Ghost Hunt

Throughly enjoyed and so much happened in Team A last night, its mad that spirits actually do want to connect with us alive today and so grateful to get to go to this really ancient site at the Old Hall. My first time at an event like this, the tables made me laugh the most as they massively moved and spun around to then be thrown on the floor. So much fun and loved every part of it, it went so fast. Thank you to all the team.

~ Laura C ~
Steelhouse Lane Ghost Hunt

Thank you HH team for a great night. That Ouija board was amazing tonight. Looking forward to the next one.

~ Tony W ~
Steelhouse Lane Ghost Hunt

Thank you HH team, fantastic evening. Will be checking all my equipment for anomalies.

~ Tom E ~
Ghost Hunt at Falstaffs

Was a great night. Started with the potential to be good but the end of the night on the Glass Divination just validated everything we felt.

~ Marc S ~
Ghost Hunt at Newsham Park Abandoned Asylum and Orphanage

We had a fab time! Thank you again for having us!

~ Sarah A ~
Ghost Hunt at Shrewsbury Prison

Thanks for an amazing night to all hosts. You did an epic job. Look forward to joining you all again. None of you disappointed.

~ Ant S ~
Ghost Hunt at Shrewsbury Prison

Thank you for another fantastic night. My legs are killing me after the table tip can’t wait for the next night!

~ Emma D ~
Ghost Hunt at Shrewsbury Prison

I was sweating was brilliant, especially ring a roses and table spinning with us.

~ Lou W ~
Oxford Castle Ghost Hunt

An amazing night at Oxford castle! We had some great activity throughout the evening!

~ Lucy B ~
Ghost Hunt at Newsham Park Abandoned Asylum and Orphanage

Loved every minute! What happened in the naughty boys cupboards will forever be on my mind! That’s why I cannot wait to come back! An experience for me I will never forget! Fab evening guys!

~ Becky M ~
Ghost Hunt at Newsham Park Abandoned Asylum and Orphanage

Had a fantastic time. I never believed in table tipping but that night has made me really think about it. I am still puzzled by the black shadow/ball I saw in the ward. Thank you guys. Hope to see you again soon.

~ Dyson B ~
Kelvedon Hatch Bunker Ghost Hunt

Thank you, we had an awesome night.

~ Danielle M ~
Ghost Hunt at The House That Cries

It was brilliant! So much activity in every vigil we did! Absolutely fantastic thanks so much to the HH team for a fabulous night!

~ Abbie W ~
Ghost Hunt at Avenue House

We had fun attending with you last night it was our first haunted happenings tour.
Would like to attend again with you and next time we will bring further equipment to document the visit.
It was a great introduction to your team, and a fun first time ghost hunt experience for my partner.

~ Danielle P ~
Dorchester Prison Ghost Hunt

Fab night, will definitely be looking forward to our next spooky hunt with HH. table tipping was awesome and a very personal message on the ouija! Take care all

~ Hayley R ~

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