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Kelvedon Hatch Bunker Ghost Hunt

Another great night …looking forward to booking my next one!
Thank you HH Team

~ Jodie S ~
Kelvedon Hatch Bunker Ghost Hunt

Best night thanks guys

~ Janine B ~
Ghost Hunt at Shrewsbury Prison

Was an amazing night. The ouija board was by far the best 

~ Sasha I ~
Warwick Castle Ghost Hunt

What a fantastic night. Loved every minute of it. I caught quite a few stuff on my phone Thank-you to all of the haunted happenings crew will definitely be going back to Warwick castle again. Loved the gentleman room very active. The tower was great with alot of activity going on between my friend and a male spirit so funny.

~ Rachel J ~
Colchester Castle Ghost Hunt

My partner (marcus) and I had an amazing time - thanks everyone for making it a night to remember - we'll definitely be back

~ Laura W ~
Colchester Castle Ghost Hunt

Another fantastic night guys and girls

~ Malcolm T ~
Colchester Castle Ghost Hunt

Had a brilliant night as always. Thank you and see you soon

~ Karen W ~
Dorchester Prison Ghost Hunt

Great night, still buzzing! First timers and it didn't disappoint! Thank you all

~ Katie H ~
Dorchester Prison Ghost Hunt

Amazing night our second at the prison cause we love it the first time in 2022, time we got the table moving and it even tipped over great places much activity.

~ Mia M ~
Dorchester Prison Ghost Hunt

Best one so far definitely going again there's a lot more to see.

~ Nigel W ~
Dorchester Prison Ghost Hunt

This was the best one my son and i have been to yet

~ A W ~
Ghost Hunt at The Skirrid Inn

It was brilliant really enjoyed the evening lots of activity. Thankyou for a great night

~ J P ~
Ghost Hunt at The Skirrid Inn

Hi both it was a brilliant night I really enjoyed it alot of activity going on still can't get over the table tipping thank you both for a great evening xx

~ J T ~
Ghost Hunt at The Skirrid Inn

Thank you both for a very informative and reassuring night, the table tipping was undiscribable, and the personal messages brought lots of emotional closure,so thanks so muchxxx

~ C E ~
Ghost Hunt at The Skirrid Inn

Thank you both for a lovely and weird evening

~ E H ~
Smithills Hall Ghost Hunt

Was a great night with really good activity. Both my spirit chats box and phils Alice box came out saying similar words and phrases. Lots of k2 activity in the colonels library.

~ T D ~
Steelhouse Lane Ghost Hunt

Absolutely loved tonight! The glass movement was insane!!!!!

~ Chloe W ~
Steelhouse Lane Ghost Hunt

Brilliant night.

~ Dave E ~
Kelvedon Hatch Bunker Ghost Hunt

Thanks for a fantastic night guys, really changed my perspective, what I felt and saw 100% re booking

~ Michael K ~
New Years Eve Ghost Hunt at The Four Crosses

What a fab night. Team were epic! We talked through ouija to the mum of someone in our group and he was a sceptic when he arrived don’t think he was when he left. Also spoke to my friends mum who confirmed my mum and dad were ok and I sent them my love which was comforting. Great group of people too. And Buck’s Fizz at new year was a lovely touch. Really great facilitators. 

~ Georgina C ~

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