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Ghost Hunt at The Nunnery

What an amazing night with lots of activity. All three hots were brilliant fully enjoyed the experience.

~ Stephen E ~
Ghost Hunt at Strelley Hall

Thanks guys for a great night as always

~ John T ~
Middleton Hall Ghost Hunt

Had a fantastic night. For some reason the spirits like me. Thank you

~ Lisa R ~
Middleton Hall Ghost Hunt

What a great night thank you to you all

~ Clare N ~
Ghost Hunt at Shrewsbury Prison with Optional Sleepover

Brilliant night with amazing hosts ! thankyou !

~ Natty S ~
Ghost Hunt at Shrewsbury Prison with Optional Sleepover

What a night!!! Had a couple quiet spots but we conversed with a spirit doing glasswork, then he came back to talk through the ouija board. Was fascinating having the spirit talking through the board and spirit talker ap at the same time. Definitely worth the 4 hour journey up there !!! Thanks guys

~ Shelly B ~
Skirrid Inn Ghost Hunt and Supper

Absolute brilliant night, thank you guys and everyone else who was there last night, table tipping was definitely the highlight of the evenin

~ Lisa E ~
Ghost Hunt at Newsham Park Abandoned Asylum and Orphanage

Fantastic night... did not disappoint. Thank you Haunted Happenings Official Page ... was dreading the 3am finish but I think I could of stayed a couple more hours. I was on the 3rd group with gurney and I still can't believe it happened... what an experience. First time using the Ouija... more than i ever expect with powerful responses... I want to go again tonight ... thank you

~ Claire V ~
Bank Holiday Ghost Hunt at The House That Cries

Amazing night as always with Haunted Happenings Official Page. Ghost hunting in a beautiful location with an awesome group… now searching for the next adventure!!!

~ Debbie H ~
Bank Holiday Ghost Hunt at The House That Cries

Fabulous night. Amazing hosts. The group were lovely. Thanks to Debbie for the laughs with her new friend..the doll Mandy. We cannot wait for the next venue and more fun. Thank you

~ Cheryl W ~
Steelhouse Lane Ghost Hunt

Really good night out. Never done one before. Would recommend. And will do another one again.

~ Lee B ~
Ghost Hunt at Norton Priory

We really enjoyed last night. Spent the best time with everyone ! Time flew by, but we managed to get to use all the equipment and Norton Priory didn’t disappoint! Well looked after and wait to book next event, Christine and Billy

~ Christine M ~
Bank Holiday Ghost Hunt at Shrewsbury Prison

Fabulous night last night! Thanks to all. The workshop definitely threw up the best results we saw. The words ‘heretic fork’ came through on the app. I turned airplane mode off and looked it up and it said it was a form of inquisition when I said this to the group, through the spirit box a lady was heard saying ‘yes’ clearer than the other voices. I looked it up and it was a medieval form of torture, and part of the prison was built on the old gaol. I think this makes sense considering part the original prison was on the same site and with it being so close to the castle

~ Emma R ~
Bank Holiday Ghost Hunt at The Skirrid Inn

Fantastic night, hosts were absolutely outstanding full of information. Very nice people too. Will definitely book another haunting x

~ Louisa D ~
Bank Holiday Ghost Hunt at The Skirrid Inn

Amazing night, so much activity. Thanks HH for a great experience

~ Jude H ~
Bank Holiday Ghost Hunt at The Skirrid Inn

I was so excited to be there. I really love ghost investigations and this being my first. And the skirrid inn it was just amazing the experience. Just sharing the evening with everyone and the history of the inn just made the experience amazing. I can't wait for another now

~ Je N ~
Ghost Hunt at Walton Hall

Brilliant night. Thank you to the HH guys. Really enjoyed it.
I was sat on the stairs with my mum in Walton hall and we were very surprised when we heard walking around up stairs. So I went and told 1 of the guys from HH. And we all split up and checked out the upstairs area. There was NOONE/NOBODY THERE. The activity with the white torch was great to. Answering our questions at the top of stairs.
We did ouja board. We did group activities. Really enjoyed the night. Thank you to the Haunted Happening guys. Can't wait for the next time

~ Rachy L ~
Ghost Hunt at Walton Hall

Hi im Giggles lol. My nickname for the whole night. My daughter Rachy Louise bought me my place to go on this adventure and her partner Chris. Such an enjoyable night. Loved the fact we were sat on the stairs and heard heavy heeled footsteps above us, Our guide for the event came up stairs with us and we checked every room, no body to be found. I experienced heavyness, headaches then got really hot whilst everyone else was cold, felt a horrible anger was very strange. My daughter came over all emotional as we sat on the landing chatting to a young girl spirit. I saw something grey like pass across the stairs. The whole evening was amazing, the guys Phil and Lee were great, fun and chatty but also professional, thx guys, would love to join in again on one of your other event

~ Angela S ~
Bank Holiday Ghost Hunt at Tatton Old Hall

Thank you so much to the Haunted Happenings team for this evenings event, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves xxx

~ Donna H ~
Ghost Hunt at Ashwell Prison

Thank you for a brilliant night, we will definitely be back

~ Gemma W ~

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