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Halloween Ghost Hunt at Dorchester Prison

Had a fantastic night exploring the prison and trying different ways to connect with any presences there. Best response on the glass moving for us, we felt a really responsive connection with a female presence.

~ Luci K ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt at Dudley Castle

Thank you so much to the team! My first time with HH and it was fabulous! The team were knowledgeable and experienced but also advised that evidence should be analysed before it can be deemed paranormal. Sceptics were also warmly greeted as people who could offer different perspectives to the "paranormal" activity experienced, which showed a balanced and open approach. It was also great to have a member of the Castle and Zoo staff there, who was knowledgeable about the history of the site and some of her (possibly) paranormal experiences. Highly recommend.

~ Claire K ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt at Bolling Hall

Thanks for an amazing night. What an experience we had, especially in red room. Getting a headache in that room was so bizarre Civil War room was very active too. Definitely had communication in Blue room with whistling coming threw my headphones as I asked them to copy us. Also a few other words too. What an amazing building Boiling Hall was..First time with you guy's. My friend and I will be back again soon..

~ Lisa D ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt at The House That Cries

We had a brilliant night last night. Thank you so much

~ Jackie B ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt at Dudley Castle

Had a fantastic night thanks guys

~ Cassi S ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt at Dudley Castle

Thank you for such a great night! So many great experiences that both me and my friend had both on personal and paranormal level! And although she apologised to a certain spirit for what he did, i still say he shouldn't have done it! Thank you again to you all, honestly the best night i've had in a while!

~ David R ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt at Dudley Castle

Was an eye opening night thanks to all involved

~ Ange T ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt at Sulgrave Manor

Brilliant evening we experienced so much activity with the table tipping and glass divination then hearing voices and personal messages coming through which for me being a first timer was very emotional such a mixture of feelings and temperature changes can’t wait to do it again

~ Rachel B ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt at Sulgrave Manor

Was an absolutely amazing evening. The personal message from the glass divination was an amazing experience. Thank you to such a great team for making our evening

~ Tasha M ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt at Bishton Hall

Great night thankyou for a brilliant night
We love this place
Great group of guys from HH .....thankyou.

~ Pauline S ~
Ghost Hunt at Shepton Mallet Prison

Really good evening. My third time at Shepton and this was by far the most active night. Wow B Wing definitely delivered! Constant activity incredible table tipping, being touched, glass twisting and nearly flying off the board to one spirit causing pain in my right leg and having to be told to stop! In free time we returned where the activity were so intense and to the point we were told by one spirit on the board to 'run'!! And felt at that point we were being chased out!
Everything you want from a ghost hunt

~ Tammy W ~
Ghost Hunt at Shepton Mallet Prison

It was my first rodeo and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it, a fantastic team that made us all very welcome. The table tipping was an experience I will never forget. I'll definitely do another location.

~ Simon F ~
Ghost Hunt at Shepton Mallet Prison

Amazing night! Very active session in the morgue I've never been pulled around so much and some amazing results with the ouija board. First time ever ghost hunter and what a way to start off hunting!

~ Colette T ~
Ghost Hunt at Shepton Mallet Prison

It was a great night with a great team! Thank you!

~ Valerie K ~
Ghost Hunt at Shepton Mallet Prison

Really had a fantastic night here! A was tapped on the shoulder in a room that looked like a kitchen area in what I think was C Block. Also saw and heard a door opening in C Block. Had some really good responses using Spirit Talker and the Spirit Box. Had the name Francis and then the word baby come up and then heard a baby sound and a woman say "baby" and then "that's my baby" on the spirit box. I'll share recordings soon! Really enjoyed chatting and getting to know you all!

~ Christie F ~
Pendle Witch Weekend

Absolutely amazing weekend; we loved our Haunted Happenings team. Our Historian Simon was the best ever story teller and full of local knowledge.
Best part for us was the vigil on Pendle Hill

~ Andrea K ~
Norton Priory Ghost Hunt

Amazing night!! Lots of activity. My mum thoroughly enjoyed her first ghost Hunt!! Thank you to all the HH team and all the lovely people we met. Group A you were all incredible. Hope to meet some of you again

~ Annette R ~
Norton Priory Ghost Hunt

Really good evening, lots of activity. Made contact with harriet, 16 died in a fire and was with her mother with the ouija board. Talked to richard dutton who is adamant the cabinet was his. Arm was touched, lots of dark figured and bench vibrated/shacked when speaking to richard dutton during a seance. During the end, ‘pendant’ ‘hidden’ ‘rosalind’ was said and my rosaries were in my pocket. Was all very exciting and Will definitely be joining again on another tour!

~ Hannah S ~
Friday 13th Ghost Hunt at Charlton House

Excellent evening! Thank you to the team for their guidance. Will definitely be looking at where we can go next…

~ Lynsey G ~
Friday 13th Ghost Hunt at Charlton House

Thoroughly enjoyed the night and experience! Thanks to all involved. Will definitely be booking again.

~ Sophie D ~

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