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Ghost Hunt at The Skirrid Inn

Thank you all for a mind expanding time. I arrived a sceptic bordering on the non believer and left sceptical and not sure? Look forward to meeting up again!

~ Fred S ~
Oxford Castle Ghost Hunt

Was great group. Had some truly new experiences. Loved the energy. Really great night

~ Tamsin J ~
Middleton Hall Ghost Hunt

Had a absolutely amazing night we can't wait to come back again

~ Morticia H ~
Middleton Hall Ghost Hunt

Great first night, table tipping blew my mind, won’t be my last ghost hunt

~ Tracey M ~
Middleton Hall Ghost Hunt

Another great night with you. 3rd one and lots of activity on the tables, glasses and a nice personal message on the ouija to finish!

~ Kate A ~
Middleton Hall Ghost Hunt

Really good night first time but won't be my last

~ Carol J ~
Middleton Hall Ghost Hunt

Fantastic first time for us. I’m going to dig out all of the farms paperwork again and see what names I find

~ Ali N ~
Ghost Hunt at Newsham Park Abandoned Asylum and Orphanage

Hannah Baker and I, both had such a great night. Thank you to the team!

~ Sarah F ~
Gloucester Prison Ghost Hunt

Awsome... We both Enjoyed it...

~ Mandie T ~
Ghost Hunt at Sulgrave Manor

It was our first time and we had a fantastic time

~ Lisa Y ~
Ghost Hunt at Shepton Mallet Prison

An absolutely amazing night, we will be back to shepton mallet and definitely booking other sites with haunted happenings team!

~ Kristina R ~
Ghost Hunt at Shepton Mallet Prison

We had a great night but the most active part for us was in the Gatekeeper room, we had a ball light up on command alot, a name come through on my ghost hub called Vincent. we asked if you could light up the ball if your name was Vincent and it did on command and we asked can you light up the ball if you are the Gatekeeper and nothing,then we asked can you light up the ball if you are a prisoner and it did. we had a stone thrown at us that was amazing and then we got this on video and it was all on command me and Michelle Hay will be back, loved every moment and will never forget our experience.

~ Ray S ~
Ghost Hunt at The Nunnery

Absolutely brilliant night thank you so much

~ Sharon H ~
Ghost Hunt at The Nunnery

Me and my cousin had a brilliant time. That ouija board got me with the little girl called poppy who was 7 and the 2 other girls were with her. The whole night was brilliant

~ Michelle G ~
Ghost Hunt at The Nunnery

Thank you for a great evening, all the hosts and guests were fab - lovely to meet you all

~ Shelly J ~
Ghost Hunt at The Nunnery

Amazing venue - best so far

~ Mandy M ~
Skirrid Inn Ghost Hunt and Supper

The table tipping was fantastic especially since the last place we went to we had no movement at all. Would have been happy with it just rocking but to get it up the wall and walking to the other bar was something else.

~ Nichola R ~
Kelvedon Hatch Bunker Ghost Hunt

Wasn’t 100% convinced and not sure what to expect but loved the whole evening. Now a convert as planning our next visit! Thanks for a great night

~ Jayne B ~
Kelvedon Hatch Bunker Ghost Hunt

Fantastic night, thank you. Wasn't sure what to expect but the night delivered ! 'Where to next'?

~ Lindsay J ~
Kelvedon Hatch Bunker Ghost Hunt

I had another great night, thank you

~ Tracey C ~

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