The Fascination of Ghost Hunting

The Team

If you can imagine that we are working with differing groups of people in terms of age, background, seriousness and humour then you can appreciate why we have to take a broad outlook on making it enjoyable for each and everyone of them. We have absolutely no hope whatsoever if we working to the agenda of a small group. Each guest is as important as another and this is how we see things on all of our events.

On each event we have a team. This team is hand picked for the event and for the number of people attending it. Some events take large groups of people whilst others are easily over crowded. On a recent ghost hunt at a castle we took over 50 people and the event was fantastic. There was plenty of room for everybody and enough staff to cope with the amount of people. The event was classed as a complete success as everybody got to spend time with the Mediums and use the ghost hunting equipment as well as attend our dowsing rod workshop. We always adapt the amount of team to the amount of people. Usually this is a ratio of 1 member of staff to 10 people, sometimes more staff are in attendance.


The team is there to ensure that the event runs smoothly and that all the controls (which we will talk about later) are in place. It also gives us a good balance between those that believe in the spirit world and those that are investigating that fact.

We ask all of our guests to challenge our Mediums and tell them not to settle for what they are told but to ask as many questions as they can about what is being said. The paranormal team are there to ensure that measurements and readings are recorded and that all the guests are feeling comfortable with what is happening. Our host who has complete control over the event itself is the person who will structure the event and ensure the smooth running of the ghost hunt. The host is really the person who has overall responsibility for everything that happens during the ghost hunt itself.

Our co-hosts will support the Host and ensure that timings are kept and that evidence is recorded. They will also ensure that our guests are given all that they need in terms of refreshments and also to be there to talk to them to hear their experiences.


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