Revesby Abbey Ghost Hunts - Revesby

Revesby Abbey in Lincolnshire is an abandoned and isolated Abbey which is fast becoming known for its many hauntings. Ghost hunts here take on a sinister air when venturing into the harrowing basement deep under the abbey with its maze of dark seemingly endless corridors. Spending the night at Revesby Abbey, a location where nightmares are made and with so much reported activity, Haunted Happenings are sure a night at this location will be a real test for even the most hardened Ghost Hunter.

Be prepared for anything when you spend the night at the terrifying Revesby Abbey which is gaining a reputation as being one of the most active buildings in Britain.  Join the Haunted Happenings team as we work in the most daunting areas of this haunted building where you can take part in experiments and vigils in your attempts to confront the spirits that lurk here. 

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Revesby Abbey Ghost Hunts
Revesby Abbey
Abbey Road
PE22 7NX
Tel: 0115 9720570
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