Colchester Castle Ghost Hunts - Colchester

Join the Haunted Happenings team as we investigate the hauntings of Colchester Castle. This haunted Castle has many secrets waiting to be unveiled. This is a vast location full of history relating to the Saxons, The Romans and a more barbaric medieval past. Carry out a vigil in the vaults beneath the Roman Temple and discover who is haunting the medieval male prison or take part in table tipping and glass moving in other active areas.

With famous names such as James Parnell and Matthew Hopkins having very strong links with Colchester Castle along with Boadicea and Julius Caesar himself, just being in the Castle leaves you with an awe inspiring sensation. Who or what will we uncover at this formidable location?

Join the Haunted Happenings team as we spend the night at the very historic Colchester Castle.

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Colchester Castle Ghost Hunts
Colchester Castle
Castle Park
C01 1TJ
Tel: 0115 9720570
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