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Bolsover Castle, a typically imposing medieval residence which stands proudly over the Derbyshire countryside. With a history of hauntings dating back over hundreds of years and more sightings and ghostly experiences than we could ever hope to mention, Bolsover Castle has everything that a ghost hunter could wish for.

As you approach the awesome and remarkable Towers you will be walking amongst the poor souls of those who lie beneath in their plague pits and burial grounds. The ghostly activity within its walls has been felt and witnessed by so many and has almost become a regular occurence. With Royal connections, not least King Charles I and William The Conqueror, Bolsover Castle has been a residence to many famous historical figures. Their legacy lives on within the fabric of the Castle walls which has many a haunting tale to tell.

An overnight ghost hunt at Bolsover Castle is rare. However, we have access to almost every area of the Castle including The Red Room, Great Hall, Royal Quarters, Star Chamber and much more. This is a rare and unique opportunity to spend the night in one of Britain’s most famous castles. Join us on our terrifying ghost hunts at Bolsover Castle

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