Armley Mills Ghost Hunts - Leeds

The ghosts of the Satanic Mills in Armley, a haven for haunted activity.

Are you brave enough to join Haunted Happenings at these ghostly old Mills?

Ghost hunting at Armley Mills will allow you to take a peek into the harsh living conditions of those who worked here. Some of these workers still exist in spirit and don't mind letting you know that they are there. These Satanic Mills have given us some terrifying activity on our many overnight ghost hunts here. The area where one of the worker's committed suicide is very active as is the cinema area where seats have been pushed down by invisible hands.

Haunted Happenings ran an overnight ghost hunt at Armley Mills with the cast of Emmerdale and they still talk about the ghostly experiences they had during their event. Join us on an overnight ghost hunt at these terrifying mills and you will soon see why it rates so highly on the list for ghost hunts.


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Armley Mills Ghost Hunts
Armley Mills
Leeds Industrial Museum
Canal Road
LS12 2QF
Tel: 0115 9720570
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