When guests such as yourself are selecting a haunted location it is fantastic to read about what others have already experienced during their time at their event. If you could take a little time to send us your experience on one of our events this would really help other guests to make their choices. We know it may not be the same experience for every location but ghost hunting is like that.

With so many returning customers we are so lucky to be inundated with fantastic reports of their experience but we want you to know that all feedback is welcome and will really help us to continue to improve.

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Ghost Hunt at The Ancient Ram Inn

We attended our ghost hunt at The Ancient Ram Inn and the team were absolutely AMAZING!!! We were so welcomed and they were so so professional!

We had the most amazing experience with lots of activity and so much energy. There was one point where I was genuinely was frightened and although I was a believer anyway... this made me just confirm that belief more. Thankyou so much Haunted Happenings!


~ Kristin M ~
Avenue House Ghost Hunt

My son purchased this event as a present for me for my birthday. Just wanted to say we both had a great time!!
We travelled over to Finchley from the Isle of Wight.

There was some stubborn spirits about who did not want to play but also some more lively ones which made it a great evening!

It is the first time we have been with the Haunted Happenings team but definitely will not be the last. Great team and look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Thank you for a great night and great birthday present.

~ Stuart R ~
Shrewsbury Prison Ghost Hunt

I attended Shrewsbury Prison last night and it was a superb night, possibly the best one of the six venues I have visited so far with Haunted Happenings.

~ Tris C ~
Newsham Park Abandoned Asylum and Orphanage Ghost Hunt

Last night at Newsham Park was amazing! If you are thinking about doing this, I would definitely recommend!

~ Rachel J ~
Beaumanor Hall Ghost Hunt

We attended your event last night at Beaumanor Hall and I want to say a massive thank you. I have always believed but I felt I was losing interest a little never really getting a lot at events... starting to doubt.

But wow last nights event... AMAZING. I had my name come through on the Ouija Board in my own group and a separate group who did not know me, they also got my name. It then proceeded to spell out my Nans name and what made it even better, we were with a group of people that did not know me, so there was absolutely no way of it being faked.

Just amazing! We had fab activity and your hosts were absolutely brilliant, they had the most beautiful presence, always so happy and the whole team just made the night completely. Thank you so much again. We are already planning our next event with you guys! Amazing from start to finish.

~ Jade T ~
Bolsover Castle Ghost Hunt

Used Haunted Happenings for the first time having used another company before. I wasn't disappointed. Staff helpful and friendly. Living only 2 minutes away from the castle I know quite a lot about the castles history. So it was obvious that the team had done their research. The night went well as a whole. Lots of activity in the star chamber where a torch was thrown off of a table not once but three times. The spirit was that of a 6 year old girl maybe one of the poor souls buried in the plague pit. At the end of the vigil she was asked to move one of the lights just once more. So we all watched the torch's when the glass shot across our little table we were using and knocked the light off.

~ Leslie F ~
Halloween Guys Cliffe House Ghost Hunt

I attended the Guys Cliffe ghost hunt on Friday 29th with my partner. We had a fantastic night, the Haunted Happenings team were great and they were always on hand if we needed them. Some fab activity was captured in the cave and offices. I would highly recommend this location and the company, thanks for a brilliant night.

~ Mandy T ~
Dorchester Prison Ghost Hunt

Went with Haunted Happenings to Dorchester prison with wife and friends. The night was very well planed. Great experience had by all. We got to try table tipping and we were amazed. We could not believe what we were seeing. Many thanks to team who were great bundles of energy and made us feel welcome. They explained things very well and how the night was going to go and also made everything feel safe and under control by explaining what was happening and what could happen. Highly recommend.

~ Jacquie T ~
Galleries of Justice and Nottinghams City of Caves

Had the most amazing time at the Nottingham Galleries of Justice with the team. Genuine experiences that my son and I are unable to understand. Perfect first ghost hunting experience which would definitely cause doubt in anyone sceptical of the paranormal. Thank you to the Haunted Happenings team, you were all excellent. 

~ Jason T ~
Antwerp Mansion Ghost Hunt

I would just like to say what a fantastic evening Ivan and myself had at Antwerp Mansion. It was made all the more special it being my birthday and what you did, singing happy birthday. It was such a lovely surprise. All my birthdays rolled into one. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

~ Judy C ~
Dorchester Prison Ghost Hunt

I went on ghost hunt at Dorchester Prison with my wife, Jackie. We had a great night, lots of evidence and phenomena. Big thank you to the Haunted Happenings team, they were very knowledgable, approachable and altogether pleasant. Thanks again

~ Richard T ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt at the Skirrid Inn

We came to The Skirrid Inn with Haunted Happenings - What fabolous people! Our group enjoyed our night so much.

~ Amy H ~
St Georges Hall Ghost Hunt

Fantastic night at St Georges Hall, with so much activity all over. The team, once again, were brilliant. Will definitely have to return here for another investigation. Brilliant location.

~ Karen M ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt at 30 East Drive with Optional Sleepover

Thank you for a great evening at 30 East Drive. After the event finished, we have a growl at 5am and whistling outside on landing at 5:30am. Just awesome! Looking forward to our next one with you.

~ Julie W ~
Halloween Ghost Hunt at Woodchester Mansion

I attended Woodchester Mansion on Saturday. I enjoyed the event and the kitchen was full of activity. 

~ Simon S ~
Halloween Galleries of Justice Ghost Hunt

I went to your event at The Galleries Of Justice last night and it was absolutely phenomenal!

~ Laura C ~
Leeds Old Workhouse - Thackray Medical Museum Halloween Ghost Hunt

We had a fantastic night at Thackeray medical museum last night. Thank you very much to the team.

~ Jane H ~
Halloween Falstaffs Ghost Hunt

We really enjoyed our evening and can not wait to come on another ghost hunt.

~ Sue H ~
Newsham Park Abandoned Asylum and Orphanage Halloween Ghost Hunt

Fantastic night at Newsham Park Hospital. What a way to spend a Saturday night. It was a Halloween surprise for my partner and it went down well! Not going to say too much except if you are looking at this experience and wavering on trying a ghost hunt event then Haunted Happenings are the company to go with. Knowledgeable, down to earth and friendly team. I never thought I would say this but we cannot wait to book another event.

~ Zara T ~
Bolsover Castle Ghost Hunt

We had an fantastic time at Bolsover Castle Ghost Hunt. There was lots of activity all night long. We can not wait for the next.

~ Hazel W ~

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