Wentworth Woodhouse - Rotherham, South Yorkshire
With so many recorded paranormal sightings and ghostly activity, this will be a night to remember

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Endless corridors, dark passages and ghostly footsteps await you as you spend the night ghost hunting inside the UK's largest Manor House. Wentworth Woodhouse is a magnificent property with an aristocratic history involving three of Britain's most powerful families, The Wentworths, The Watsons and The Fitzwilliams.

With so many layers to this historic building it would take a long time to familiarise yourself with the interconnecting rooms and many dark passageways that lead onto hidden spaces. We will be working in the most active areas of the Manor House including the servants quarters, George IV quarters, parts of the Main House, with its opulent and tangible elegance, plus the haunted Stables. 

Wentworth Woodhouse also has an ill-fated history being home to Thomas Wentworth, who met his untimely demise as Administrator to King Charles 1st.  With family feuds, rivalry and many skeletons in the family closet this house is a house of mystery and intrige in its own right. 

Overnight ghost hunts here will help us to delve a little more into the history and reasoning behind who or what is haunting Wentworth Woodhouse and with so many recorded paranormal sightings and ghostly activity we feel sure that it won't be long before things become more apparent. 

Wentworth Woodhouse

Ghosts of Wentworth Woodhouse

The ghosts and spirits that have been encountered at Wentworth Woodhouse are numerous. They include the figure of a ghostly monk and the ghost of a man who has been described as a creepy statue as he appears to  stand absolutely still when people walk past. People have encountered ghostly footsteps, children laughing and people being grabbed by unseen hands. Doors open and close by themselves and very recently in the George IV quarters a member of staff heard a door handle rattling and then the door closed by itself. Deep gutteral voices are often heard and loud bangs coming from nowhere. The haunted library and the George IV drawing room are definitely places where you are likely to experience paranormal activity with shadows being seen and figures standing in doorways.  

History of Wentworth Woodhouse

The history of Wentworth Woodhouse is inextricably linked with the history of three great aristocratic families who presided over it for generations, The Wentworths, The Watsons and The Fitzwilliams. It now belongs to the Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust who have been entrusted to continue to look after this famous house for its foreseeable future. With such a wealth of history and links to aristocracy they have a lot to work with and a great history to preserve.

Wentworth Woodhouse stands in a park of 250 acres and with its courts and buildings covering over three acres of ground it is considered to be the very largest of the country palaces.  Once the home of Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford, who met his untimely demise as the Administrator to Charles 1st, there have been Wentworths at Wentworth Woodhouse since 13th Century. However in 1695 it passed to Thomas Watson, a son of the sister who married Edward 2nd, Baron of Rockingham.  After his death in 1723 The Baron of Rockingham was succeeded by his only son, Thomas Wentworth who became 1st Marquis of Rockingham. After dying in 1750 he was succeeded by his fifth and youngest son, Charles 2nd who was the last Marquis of Rockingham and died in 1782 without issue.

The Manor House then began its journey under the hands of the Fitzwilliam Family until 1989 when it was purchased by Mr Wensley Haydon-Baille, a businessman who was there for ten years.  In 1999 it was sold to Mr Clifford Newbold who spent many years attempting to restore the house to its former glory before being passed to the WWPT who are lovingly restoring this building and bringing it back to life. 

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