The Haunted Schools - Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire
These schools have proven to be extremely haunted with so much activity, unique to each location

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Haunted Happenings and Dusk Till Dawn Events are working together to bring you two fantastic locations in one night, working together to enhance the ghost hunting experience with each Company bringing their own unique ghost hunting methods.

The sinister and haunted Victorian School and Edwardian School in Long Eaton, Nottingham and are within a stone's throw of each other and have been the source of great paranormal interest for a few years now. Both of these terrifying locations have proven to be extremely haunted with so much activity unique to each location. Haunted Happenings will be managing the Victorian School whilst Dusk Till Dawn Events will be managing the Edwardian School giving you all the opportunity to investigate two very haunted buildings in one night.

The Haunted Schools

Ghosts of The Old Victorian School and Edwardian School

Many ghosts have been identified on our ghost hunts at the Old Victorian School with so many images being captured on camera by guests, particularly in the haunted corridor.  The image of a woman has been seen in one of the rooms on multiple occasions but the biggest sighting is of a little girl in a red dress who has been seen by many visitors on different occasions. She has been witnessed skipping down the corridor and running into rooms. There is an old classroom where the image of a male has been seen who is not happy at all with us being there and makes the room very cold and dark very quickly. He also blocks the light from the window in the door constantly. The Victorian School really is a haunted location where things do happen so you have been warned...

The Edwardian School

Join us for a seance inside the original Headmasters office of the school a room where chairs have been known to rattle and move by themselves and impressive spirit lights have been seen along with spirit voices, laughter and growls which have been heard by many visitors during previous ghost hunts at this fantastic location. Dare you enter this building as we go in search of the former Pupils and Teachers who are said to still roam the ominous long corridors and dark recesses of this reputedly haunted building?

History of Old Victorian School and Edwardian School

Long Eaton is referred to as Aitone, in the Domesday Book. Several meanings are associated with this name, for example "farm between streams" or "low lying land". This agricultural settlement grew up close to the lowest bridging point of the River Erewash.

In 1228 the village gained the "Long" prefix due to its length. The cottages and farms straggled along the Market Place, High Street and Main Street. There became a demand for education buildings and so began the creation of the Old Victorian School. This used to be a school for boys but then opened up to the girls, servicing the Long Eaton area. The Edwardian School on Tamworth Road was erected in the Edwardian area to service the growing population of Long Eaton.

There was a devastating fire which was known as The "Great Fire of Long Eaton", this ripped through 14 houses and several other building in the Market Place destroying them in 1694. The village remained a constant size until the coming of the railways in the nineteenth century. The Midland Counties Railways in 1839 and the Erewash Valley Line in 1844 provided transport links which encouraged growth. Two industries came to employ many people in the growing town, lace-making and railway wagon manufacturing. A large railway yard at Toton Sidings grew just north of the town. By 1900 the town had grown to have a population of over 10,000. It had expanded with the construction of many new houses, business premises and factories throughout the Victorian period. In 1921 Long Eaton's boundaries were extended bringing Wilsthorpe and parts of both Sandiacre and Sawley into the town.

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