Portsmouth Prison - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Said to have an evil and intimidating atmosphere, this prison now lies abandoned

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Portsmouth Prison now lies abandoned and the echos of its past are tangible as you walk through the doors of this huge, eerie building.  Officially known as HMP Kingston it was once a Category B and C facility that housed inmates facing life sentences for murder and other heinous crimes.  Said to have an evil and intimidating atmosphere, Portsmouth Prison was Built in 1877 and has a notoriously distinctive past as well as being a flagship in its day to incorporate the abolishment of capital punishment. Portsmouth Prison incarcerated many notorious murderers including Archibald Hall who was commonly known as the Killer Butler. 

With access to nearly the whole site, we can ghost hunt inside some of the most terrifying wings of the prison along with the Chapel and the basement areas.  

Portsmouth Prison

Your Ghost Hunt at Portsmouth Prison

During your ghost hunt at Portsmouth Prison you will be taking part in some terrifying vigils. We will be using all of the most active areas of the location including B and C wing which evidence has proven to be extremely productive.  Portsmouth Prison has housed some of our most infamous criminals and has a vast and harrowing history.  Some of the prisoners here faced truly barbaric treatment whilst incarcerated and there is a real sense of anger and despair as you walk through the prison.  

If you are brave enough you will be able to spend time alone inside the cells and experience how it was for those that were locked down inside.  You will be using all of our equipment in an attempt to make contact with those spirits who remain trapped inside this desolate prison.  


History of Portsmouth Prison

Originally built in 1877 as a Victorian prison to house inmates that have been given life sentences, Portsmouth Prison housed those that would normally have faced Capital Punishment.  However, with this being abolished in 1965, this prison was designed to house those inmates that would normally have been put to death.  This was the only prison in England that had its own exclusive wing for elderly male prisoners who were due to begin life sentences.  

During the second world war Portsmouth Prison was used as a police station and at some time it was also used as a boy's borstal but eventually closed its doors in March 2013.




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