Old Victorian Gaol - West Bromwich,

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The Victorian Courts Of Justice in West Bromwich are a must for any ghost hunter. This 17th Century Gaol was built purely to punish and condemn. With punishments of that time being so brutal and harsh you can only imagine the torment that has gone on here over the centuries. Modernised by the Victorians in 1890, courts were added and in particular the foreboding central court with its sombre panelling and dark environment. The punishments were no less harsher but at least you were tried before being judged for your crimes.

This courtroom and gaol has housed some of the most dangerous prisoners in society during its lifetime and whilst some of them escaped with a prison sentence many would have met their death on the gallows. Its ghostly activity leaves you in no doubt that this building is very haunted but definitely not in a good way. People who have worked here say that there is a sense of deep panic and overwhelming feelings of wanting to escape. Perhaps they are picking up on the emotions of former prisoners or the savage treatment from former guards of past centuries. Join the Haunted Happenings team on our ghost hunt at The Victorian Courts Of Justice and prove to yourself whether or not this building warrants the label as one of the most haunted locations in the UK.

Old Victorian Gaol

Ghosts of The Victorian Courts Of Justice

The Victorian Courts Of Justice in West Bromwich originated as the 17th century prison. Punishment here was harsh, brutal and unforgiving.  This maze of prison cells, creaking wooden courtrooms and sinister stairwells leaves you feeling intensely overwhelmed and almost panic stricken. In 1890 it was redesigned to accommodate changing Victorian views and a larger courtroom was established.

The old gaol and courts are renowned for their grim punishments which in Victorian times led to hanging and in more recent times have seen the likes of some of the most dangerous criminals in the United Kingdom. With over 17000 sq ft of cells, corridors, safe rooms, and imposing wooden courtrooms there are so many areas to investigate.

The bullet proof glass in the prisoners box of the main courtroom which is completely impenetrable shows you the type of crimes that were still being judged here in recent times. The cells, heavy metal doors and thick barred gates along the corridors take your imagination to exactly how it would have felt for anybody incarcerated here.


History of the Victorian Courts Of Justice

The Victorian Courts Of Justice is a vast location with so many areas to investigate, including multiple courtrooms, corridors, basement cells, creepy stairwells and so much more. All public records for this location have been secreted away 100’s of years, hiding the details of the sinister activity that took place here over long periods of time. However, the location itself tells its own story and is one that keeps giving away its secrets on every ghost hunt.

West Bromwich Petty Sessions, later Magistrates Court, covered West Bromwich only until 1966. It was extended in 1966 to cover the former courts of Tipton and Wednesbury.

The magistrates court, also known as the court of petty sessions, police court and court of summary jurisdiction is the lowest level of court in England. In the earliest days the court was presided over by the local magistrate, often referred to as Justice of the Peace, at home dealing with cases brought to him. During the 19th century it became formalised with a rota from a team of magistrates, meeting in a formal court building.

The magistrates court would deal with minor offences, where punishment would be a small fine or short prison sentence. All criminal cases would come first to the magistrates court; if the offence was of a more serious nature, the case would be referred up to the court of Quarter Sessions. Until 1908, children were tried in the adult court and could receive a prison sentence.

The magistrates court also dealt with matters relating to children, including maintenance payments for illegitimate children, adoption and placement of children into care. The courts were also responsible for oveseeing licensing of public houses and other types of entertainment


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