London Tombs - Southwark, London
With a dark and sinister past makes the Tombs one of the most terrifying places to spend the night

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As the name suggests, The London Tombs which sits beneath London Bridge is a place with a long history and a sinister past. During an overnight ghost hunt here you will work in an area where hundreds of bodies were uncovered from a plague pit and you are surrounded by terrifying, visual references to torture and death. Ghost hunts do not get any more frightening than at The London Tombs and every corner you turn reveals a new terror. Haunted Happenings have exclusive access for ghost hunts here, so join us for the most intense experience of your life.

London Tombs

Ghosts of The London Tombs

Ghost hunts at The London Tombs have produced some of the most incredible activity we have ever witnessed with objects being moved by unseen hands, On October 31, 2007, before it opened, the BBC reported that a collection of skeletons unearthed in the crypt had scared builders so much that they refused to work there alone.

On our overnight ghost hunts we have experienced dragging and banging noises being heard and even ghostly apparitions being witnessed moving around the groups. People have fled the location and been too afraid to return to the vigils and even some of the staff are not prepared to venture into the building alone after the experiences they have had in the past.

Many of our guests have been quite frankly terrified at The London Tombs and cannot believe the activity that they have encountered here. The area near the haunted lift is particularly intense with bangs and shuffles being heard. If you are brave enough you can spend some time alone in any of the tunnels as long as you know what you are letting yourself in for.

History of The London Tombs

The London Bridge Experience is a tourist attraction located on Tooley Street, in vaults below the southern abutment of London Bridge, immediately outside London Bridge Station. It is also opposite The Shard. Guests are led by actors on a tour through the 'dark' moments of London's history, which include Queen Boudiccia's battles with the Romans, The Great Fire of London and a medieval run in with the Vikings. It explains the history of all the bridges that have been on the site, the first military style pontoon bridge built by the Romans, the first stone bridge built by Peter de Colechurch, the John Rennie Victorian bridge (which has now been relocated to Lake Havasu in Arizona), ending with the current modern bridge opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1971.

London Tombs, part of the London Bridge Experience, is a daytime scare attraction that's been voted the UK's best year round scare attraction for the last 4 years (2009-2012). It was discovered in 2007 when construction first began on the London Bridge experience attraction. Builders working on the excavation discovered a Plague Pit that contained a large collection of skeletons, unnerving the builders so much they refused to work down their alone. The bridge itself was also a scene of gruesome happenings.

In Tudor times they used to impale the heads of traitors and criminals on spikes along the bridge. In fact, some of the skulls that were found on the site actually had holes through them as if they were impaled. London during these times was certainly a very hard and cruel place to live, and this has left an imprint on the area, perhaps leading to the abundance of activity that is experienced?

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