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Gresley Hall in Swadlincote is a haunted house with a terrifying history. Gresley Hall stands in the grounds of an old Priory and has been used for many purposes during its lifetime. With many ghost hunters returning here in their attempts to capture paranormal activity it seems that sooner or later there will be real evidence of the hauntings of this very spooky location.

Dating back to the 16th Century, haunted Derbyshire\'s Gresley Old Hall was built from the remains of the old priory which stood on this site in the early 1100\'s until 1500\'s. During its life Gresley Hall has been used for numerous purposes which includes earthenware and clothing. The Old Hall has also been used as a farmhouse and in its time has homed many farming families.

Take part in vigils and experiments at Gresley Hall and work out for yourself who is haunting this old building.

Ghosts of Gresley Hall

Haunted Gresley Hall in Derbyshire has produced some of the most frightening activity during past investigations. Voices heard on the abandoned and decaying upper floors, the sound of dragging coming from empty rooms. Footsteps have been heard approaching but no one has appeared.

On the lower floors whispered conversations along with unexplainable light anomalies. Join the team in haunted Derbyshire on a ghost hunt as we take you on a journey of secrets, mystery and intrigue in this haunted old Hall.

History of Gresley Hall

Gresley Hall was built in the 1543 with stones from the priory which once stood on the grounds in dating to the 1100\'s. In 1795 an unsuccessfulChina factory was established by Sir Nigel Bowyer Gresley of Drakelow Hall and C.B Adderley of Hams Hall in part of the hall In the early 1800\'s Mr Nadin made common earthenware at the Hall as well as china item. in the late1800\'s it became a farmhouse and was tenanted to many families.

The current house has an array of floors some of which have not been touched since the 19th Century and in the top most attics Victorian graffiti can still be seen on the lime wash walls.

A small country house built in various phases from the 1580s to c1710,formerly the seat of the Alleyne family. It was later a tenanted farmhouse before becoming a Miners Welfare Centre in the 1950s. For a short period around 1800 it was home to an unsuccessful china factory.

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