Wentworth Woodhouse And Stables Ghost Hunts - Rotherham

Endless corridors, dark passages and ghostly footsteps await you as you spend the night ghost hunting inside the UK's largest Manor House. Wentworth Woodhouse is a magnificent property with an aristocratic history involving three of Britain's most powerful families, The Wentworths, The Watsons and The Fitzwilliams.

With so many layers to this historic building it would take a long time to familiarise yourself with the interconnecting rooms and many dark passageways that lead onto hidden spaces. We will be working in the most active areas of the Manor House including the servants quarters, George IV quarters, parts of the Main House, with its opulent and tangible elegance, plus the haunted Stables. 

Wentworth Woodhouse also has an ill-fated history being home to Thomas Wentworth, who met his untimely demise as Administrator to King Charles 1st.  With family feuds, rivalry and many skeletons in the family closet this house is a house of mystery and intrige in its own right. 

Overnight ghost hunts here will help us to delve a little more into the history and reasoning behind who or what is haunting Wentworth Woodhouse and with so many recorded paranormal sightings and ghostly activity we feel sure that it won't be long before things become more apparent. 

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