The Towers Asylum Nurses Home - Leicester

This abandoned building, which sits on the site of the haunted Towers Asylum, is definitely a great location for those of you who can cope with the more raw and sinister side of ghost hunting.  This vast building opened in 1931 to house those that worked in the old Asylum.

This old Nurses Home has so much to offer even the most hardened ghost hunter which is so evident when you walk down its long dark corridors and enter the creepy rooms that lie empty and abandoned.  The bleakness of this building is tangible and extremely daunting for anybody who has what it takes to join us on an overnight ghost hunt here.  With workmen literally running from the building when they have felt the presence of ghostly figures and doors slamming shut behind them, it is not surprising that it has been left abandoned.  Not many people will walk these corridors alone and we are challenging you not only to do this but to do so in the dead of night.

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The Towers Asylum Nurses Home
The Towers Nurses Home
40 Grosvenor Gate
Tel: 0115 9720570
Mobile: 07837 845912
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