Newstead Abbey Ghost Hunts - Nottinghamshire

Newstead Abbey lies at the heart of Nottingham's many ghost stories.  Formerly an Augustinian Priory and home to 13 monks, Newstead Abbey was converted into this beautiful historic mansion following the dissolution of the monastries in the late 13th Century.  One of its most famous residents is Lord Byron, England's most well known poet.  Newstead Abbey holds many fascinating yet dark and foreboding secrets involving greed and murder.  The ghosts that have been seen here over the centuries are numerous, in fact Lord Byron himself reports sighting of ghosts whilst sleeping.  Many of the ghosts and spirits encountered in this vast mansion are female, yet there is also the presence of a strong male entity who is thought to have unfinished business.  With so much history and so many areas to explore, this ghost hunt is set to be unique in so many ways.

During our ghost hunt we have permission to explore Lord Byron's private appartments, the old kitchens, servants quarters, tunnels and so much more.  This is set to be an intense night of discovery in so many ways.

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