Jamaica Inn and Bodmin Jail Cutthroat Weekend Ghost Hunts - Cornwall

Haunted Happenings have always wanted to bring those of you who have what it takes a weekend that you will remember forever. This weekend of ghost hunting in Cornwall at two of the most notoriously haunted locations in the UK is set to be an event like no other. Bodmin Gaol and the Jamaica Inn are both equally daunting and have given nightmares to even the more hardiest of ghost hunters.   This is certain to be ‘The Weekend' for all ghost hunters who have what it takes.  Sinister, dark and very haunted, both locations are destined to give us more than we can cope with and you will spend two nights searching for the malign spirits that inhabit them.

Your Cutthroat Weekend will begin as soon as you check-in to the Jamaica Inn.  You will be greeted by the Haunted Happenings Team and after a delicious supper and a ghost hunting workshop you will be making your way to the truly terrifying Bodmin Gaol. This location has witnessed some of the most barbaric treatment inflicted on mankind. It is dismal and leaves you cold with fear when you consider what the prisoners would have endured at this horrendously daunting location. Here you will work with the team until the early hours in an attempt to elicit some ghostly and potentially terrifying activity. This will involve séances, vigils, glass moving, Ouija Boards and lone vigils (for the very brave).


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Jamaica Inn and Bodmin Jail Cutthroat Weekend Ghost Hunts
Jamaica Inn
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