Heath Manor Ghost Hunts - Kidderminster

Heath Manor House in Kidderminster, now converted to a luxurious Mercure Hotel, still retains the essence of its original look of a spooky manor house. With haunted servants quarters incorporating sloping ceilings and attic windows along with a haunted staircase there is a lot to encounter here. The main entrance is a vast area that leads to the original annexes of this spooky and spine chilling location. The cellars beneath are spacious and have been converted to nooks and crannies, perfect for watch and wait vigils. Will you see the sinister shadows that pass in front of the main door?

The servants bedrooms are particularly haunted, mainly the Suite where our objects triggered frequently and we had some strong response taps to questions. Our equipment really responded well to this area along with the servants stairwell and the cellars.

The Hauntings of Heath Manor are well documented and include the sightings of a little girl seen on the stairs by many people. She died of polio at a young age. There are also shadows seen over the unmarked burial ground to the rear of the building - an excellent place to do an experiment. Cigar smoke is often smelt in the rooms and the landing.

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