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Gresley Hall in Swadlincote is a haunted house with a terrifying history. Gresley Hall stands in the grounds of an old Priory and has been used for many purposes during its lifetime. With many ghost hunters returning here in their attempts to capture paranormal activity it seems that sooner or later there will be real evidence of the hauntings of this very spooky location.

Dating back to the 16th Century, haunted Derbyshire's Gresley Old Hall was built from the remains of the old priory which stood on this site in the early 1100's until 1500's. During its life Gresley Hall has been used for numerous purposes which includes earthenware and clothing. The Old Hall has also been used as a farmhouse and in its time has homed many farming families.

Take part in vigils and experiments at Gresley Hall and work out for yourself who is haunting this old building.

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Gresley Hall Ghost Hunts
Gresley Hall
Old Hall Gardens
Church Gresley
DE11 9PA
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