Ghost Hunt at Codnor Castle Abandoned Farmhouse - Codnor

Visited by TV's Time Team in 2008 this is a historical site with so much to offer. Our ghost hunt here will be a night of extreme ghost hunting inside the abandoned Codnor Farmhouse in Derbyshire and definitely one for the most hardened ghost hunter. This derelict old farmhouse built in the 17th Century within the grounds of the Codnor Estate is completely abandoned. With the ruins of the old stone castle nearby it has a definite creepy atmosphere and that is before you have even entered the property. Spending the night inside this haunted old farmhouse will be difficult but for those of you who are brave enough to endure it we feel sure you will be very well rewarded.  

Reputed as being one of the most haunted buildings in Derbyshire, Codnor Farmhouse definitely has all the ingredients of a terrifying ghost hunt as the activity witnessed here on previous ghost hunts is intense. With its tales of murder, witchcraft and executions it is not surprising that there is an intense atmosphere of anger surrounding the farmhouse.  Poltergeist Activity is rife here and consists of furious growls, things being moved and loud banging. Ghost hunters here have reported that they feel extreme fear and a sense of being watched by something or someone who definitely wants them out.  

Are you brave enough to join us on our overnight ghost hunts at the Abandoned Farmhouse at Codnor Castle?

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Ghost Hunt at Codnor Castle Abandoned Farmhouse
Castle Farm
Castle Lane
Codnor Park
Tel: 0115 9720570
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