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Carnfield Hall is a real gem of a location.  Hidden amongst the trees of Carnfield Wood in the Derbyshire countryside, this old Hall dates back to the 15th and 16th centuries where it began life as a country manor house and still retains so much of its original history.  To say that it is haunted is an understatement as the ghosts and spirits that roam here are not shy in coming forward.  In fact it is so haunted that those who have spent any time inside the Hall become quite used to the ghostly phenomena that happens here.  Old wooden staircases, a large attic, drawing room, library and haunted bedrooms all await anybody who wants to ghost hunt at this formidable location.  The upstairs parlour has always been a hive of paranormal activity and you can often hear harpsichord music emanating from here along with the shuffling sound of somebody moving around.  There are macabre tales of death and in particular the slaying of The Squire, Robert Revell, who had been found murdered in his bed.  In this room you will often hear the sounds of furniture being shifted when nobody is in there.  In fact nobody really stays in this room for long because of the distinct shuffling sounds heard when sitting quietly on the bed. 

Our previous investigations here have identified that there has been a tragedy involving a stillbirth and a maid who roams the main staircase.  In fact at the end of one of our investigations most of our guests almost ran out of the front door when they all heard heavy footsteps coming down the stairs during our final vigil.  Carnfield Hall should definitely be on the must-do list for any ghost hunter.


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