Fulford Manor - Dunsford, Devon
Apparitions and Poltergeist activity are not uncommon here. Who or what will you encounter during your night?

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Great Fulford is a Domesday Manor which has been owned by the Fulford family since around 1190 and has is one of Devon's most historic and haunted houses. Very few ghost hunts have taken place here but the family have reported some terrifying and intense paranormal activity including doors slamming shut and people being pinned to their beds. An overnight ghost hunt with the option to sleep-over on selected nights here is sure to be a frightening experience as we investigate the attic, cellars, grand staircase and many other amazing spaces within.

Fulford Manor

Ghosts of Fulford Manor

Great Fulford Manor is one of Devon\'s most historic (and haunted) houses. This Domesday Manor has been the home of the Fulford family since at least 1190 and has a reputation locally for paranormal activity. It has been investigated many times and the activity experienced here has often been intense, with doors slammed, ghostly figures seen and even Poltergeist activity.

There are many ghost stories associated with the Manor which have been passed down the family and the current owners have had their own experiences to add to these.

Members of the family have been pinned to their beds by an unseen force, doors have slammed in empty parts of the property and objects have mysteriously disappeared only to reappear in strange places. Previous paranormal investigations have reported dramatic drops in temperature, strange light anomalies and significant EMF readings which could not be explained. Will you encounter the ghost of Fulford Manor?

History of Fulford Manor

The present house was mainly constructed in the early 16th century and is a semi fortified mansion, but the medieval bones of the original house still lurk beneath the plaster and panelling. Standing in an isolated position, it boasts many interesting and spooky rooms and features, including a superb panelled Great Hall and a marvellous 17th century staircase. The attic rooms and cellars are certainly a place where you will not wish to be alone for long.

During the Civil War in the mid 17th century the family were ardent Cavaliers. Initially the house was held for the King but it was stormed by Parliamentarians in 1642; it was retaken by the Royalists later when they besieged Exeter but taken again by the roundheads in 1646 and garrisoned by them until the end of the War. The house suffered badly as a result of the fighting, resulting in much damage to the property and a significant loss of life in the surrounding grounds. The family retired to Dorset during Cromwell\'s rule and only came back to Fulford after the restoration of the Monarchy in 1660.

Much of the house remained a ruin till the late 17th century when Colonel Francis Fulford repaired it all. The last significant remodelling of the property was in the early 1800s with work carried out by the prolific architect James Wyatt and the result is the house as you see it today.

Great Fulford is an historic estate in the parish of Dunsford, Devon. The grade I listed manor house, known as Great Fulford House is situated about 9 miles west of Exeter, the site of which was said in 1810 to be \"probably the most ancient in the county\". The present mansion house is Tudor (16th century) with refurbishing from the late 17th century and further re-modelling from about 1800.

The prefix \"Great\" dates from the late 17th century and served to distinguish it from the mansion house known as \"Little Fulford\" in the parish of Shobrooke, Devon, about 8 miles to the north-east, also owned briefly by Col. Francis III Fulford (1666-1700), due to his marriage to the heiress of the Tuckfield family. 

Great Fulford has been the residence of the Fulford family (originally de Fulford), which took its name from the estate, since the reign of King Richard I (1189-1199) to the present day. There are thus few, if any families in Devonshire of more ancient recorded origin still resident at their original seat.

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