Conisbrough Castle - Doncaster,

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Conisbrough Castle is a haunted castle with intense ghostly activity.   Located in the historic town of Conisbrough in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, Conisborough Castle is a must for anybody who has strong interests in the paranormal and can withstand the intensity that a ghost hunt at Conisbrough Castle can bring.  Having not been investigated for a few years now it will definitely be interesting to see who or what we will discover. 

Every Castle has its ghost stories but Conisbrough Castle seems to have more than most.  With eye witness accounts of strange happenings around the Keep of the Castle, many people fear being here alone at any time of day or night.  

The ghostly history of Conisbrough Castle includes a lady who was said to have been pushed over the edge of the giant Keep and subsequently falling to her death.  Residents still claim to hear the sound of a woman screaming for her life at certain times of the year.  Residents have also reported strange lights emanating from the Chapel area of the Castle in the dead of night when it is all locked up.  A grey monk has also frequently been seen wandering through the walls of the Castle outskirts by visitors during the day.  The Keep itself appears to be very active and it is not unusual to hear disembodied footsteps that follow you from floor to floor.  

This medieval castle is a definite location for all those ghost hunters amongst you wishing to experience a high level of paranormal activity.  You now have the unique opportunity to be part of this amazing ghost hunting experience to discover who is haunting Conisbrough Castle.

Your Ghost Hunt at Conisbrough Castle

Conisbrough Castle is a unique location, it has not been investigated often and there is a strong sense of what is to come when you walk into the Keep even in the daytime.  You will be able to investigate here in the knowledge that you really are in a building of intense historical importance and a wealth of ghostly activity.  You will be taking part in controlled experiments, vigils and seances in our attempts to understand who or what is haunting this 12th Century old Castle.  With it's connections to royalty and the battles it has endured there will be much to discover.

You will also be able to spend some time alone and discover for yourselves whether or not Conisbrough Castle is ready to give up it's ghostly secrets.

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