Anzio Army Camp - Leek, Staffordshire
Home to sinister hauntings and macabre paranormal activity

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With some terrifying evidence of the supernatural, Anzio Army Camp is home to some foreboding tales of sinister hauntings and macabre paranormal activity. This vast, abandoned village is set on sprawling moorland in the heart of Staffordshire and has an abundance of haunted areas just ripe for investigation. During your ghost hunt here you will find yourself exploring some dark and creepy areas including the old bunkers, kitchen, medical building and accommodation block as well as the old army pub.

With narrow corridors, hidden rooms and so many other terrifying areas to explore, the Anzio Army Camp is not for those with a nervous disposition. In fact this location is so big that you will never want to be alone for fear of being left behind to face the intense ghostly activity that occurs here on a regular basis. People have reported objects being thrown, gutteral sounds, being touched and actually seeing entities that can appear at any moment.

Anzio Army Camp

Ghosts of Anzio Army Camp

With literally hundreds of ghostly sightings at this sprawling abandoned village perhaps the most famous is that of a horseman who gallops across the moorland, headless of course. There is the legend of the mermaid who waits patiently for her unsuspecting victims before somehow sending them to their death by drowning them in a local pool. In fact there is even a pub related to this myth in nearby Morridge called The Mermaid Inn.

Other ghost sightings are more sinister and have been seen within the camp itself. These include black shadows moving around as you walk through the endless corridors and buildings, objects being thrown and even more terrifying, unseen hands touching you when you least expect it. 

The Staffordshire moorland where Anzio Army Camp is sited is rife with ghostly activity and on the land itself there have been numerous sightings of shadows and spectres walking around lost and seemingly unaware of why they are there. 

History of Anzio Army Camp

There is so much history linked to this abanonded army village. It was originally opened to accommodate the US Army in 1943 and then became used by Polish Troops in 1946 prior to it becoming a Polish immigration camp. Since 1980 it was a training camp for the British Army until 2004. It is now abandoned and disused. The history is palpable here and there is an echoing sense of something waiting to happen. 

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