Wollaton Hall - Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
The Hall has all the ingredients for an intense and memorable ghost hunt

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Wollaton Hall, a splendid Elizabethan mansion set in the heart of Nottingham is one of Nottinghamshire's most historic buildings. Famous for its wealth of history, terrifying ghost sightings and the many, many dark and sinister areas ripe for investigation, Wollaton Hall has all the ingredients for an intense and memorable ghost hunt. Your event will include spending time in the servants quarters, the old kitchen and of course the terrifying Room 19. We have access to areas very rarely used by visitors to Wollaton Hall including the cellars and The Admirals Bath. 

The ghostly phenomena at this spectacular Elizabethan Mansion is something that has been experienced by so many people. The ghost of the White Lady roams the back of the building and has been evident on many occasions whilst more sinister activity has been experienced in Room 19. We also can't escape the many ghost sightings in the cellars and the constant murmuring voices heard in the narrow corridors. A ghost hunt at Wollaton Hall is a unique opportunity to experience the paranormal and we cannot wait to spend the night ghost hunting inside this creepy old mansion with you.  

Wollaton Hall

History of Wollaton Hall

Originally designed by Robert Smythson, Wollaton Hall was built for Sir Francis Willoughby being completed in 1588, the year of the Spanish Armada. Wollaton Hall still has a flamboyant design and was considered a masterpiece when it was completed. It was built in the English Renaissance style and was an absolute sensation in its day. The interior of Wollaton Hall was radically re-designed in 1642 following a fire and was then inhabited by the 6th Lord Middleton in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The outside of the building has seen little in the way of alterations and still remains a spectacular looking Elizabethan Mansion.  

Wollaton Hall underwent a programme of restoration to include the gardens and the Deer Park which was completed in April 2007. It is enjoyed by visitors from all over the country and remains as one of Nottingham's most sensational properties.  

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