St Georges Hall - Liverpool, Merseyside
Shrouded in history and with a macabre past, a ghost hunt here may give us more than we bargained for,

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St Georges Hall Ghost Hunts in Liverpool have everything to give you a really intense night of ghost hunting. This is definitely one of the most historic and exceptional buildings in Liverpool and our Ghost Hunts here will include some extremely sinister and foreboding areas.

Not only do you have the court cells to investigate but you also have the dark, creepy, catacombs which lie beneath the building. If that wasn't enough we also have access to the courtrooms themselves. St Georges Hall in Liverpool has so much to offer and with a strong link to some very strange hauntings within this Grade I listed building, we are really excited to discover the entities that reside here.

St Georges Hall

Ghosts of St Georges Hall

There have been many claims of paranormal activity at this location amongst many sightings of ghosts and spirits.

Said to be haunted by many spirits, including those connected to the dark and terrifying catacombs that lay under St Georges Hall. Previous guests have witnessed dark shadows, lurking around the hall, unnerving footsteps have been heard and objects are known to move around and appear in a totally different place. 

History of St Georges Hall

The story of St Georges Hall came about when it was considered that a large space was needed for the community of Liverpool.

They needed to combine this space with a courthouse and cells and St Georges Hall was born. The building itself is one of the most incredible structures and is the heart of Liverpool.

St Georges Hall opened in 1854 and it was built on land where the first Liverpool Infirmary once sat from 1749 to 1824 and it is a building in Neoclassical style which contains concert halls and law courts and is recorded in the National Heritage List for England as a designated Grade I listed building.

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