Old Manor Hotel - Builth Wells, Brecknockshire
This creepy building is cloaked in mystery and dark history!

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This Ghost Hunt at The Old Manor Hotel in Powys is not for the faint-hearted as this creepy old building certainly lives up to its name. Situated in the town of Builth Wells, Powys the Old Manor hotel dates to the regency era. It is cloaked in mystery and has a dark history of suicide, strange activity and mystery surrounding one of its former inhabitants Clara Thomas. This is a location that we cannot wait to return to for an overnight ghost hunt.

Tales of treachery, death and suicide never leave this old building which can be felt the moment you walk through the door, the atmosphere is heavy and the air thick with energy a ghost hunt not for the feint hearted.

Ghosts of The Old Manor Hotel

The infamous Clara Thomas is thought to be the most interactive spirit that has been encountered here. She has been seen by visitors on many occasions and her presence has been felt just before a shadow figure is seen.

Others have heard dragging sounds whilst some have experienced movement from the empty upper rooms. People have heard voices coming from other rooms when nobody is there and taps and bangs have also been a common experience. On numerous occasions people have reported being touched by unseen hands as well as cold spots appearing and disappearing without any explanation.

History of The Old Manor Hotel

This stone Tudor Manor house was originally built by the Powell family in 1720, it was later sold to the Hope family before it was later inherited by Hannah Jones.

In 1787 Thomas Jones became the owner of the house through inheritance, Thomas Jones was a famous Landscape artist. In the early 1820's the house passed to Thomas Jones's Daughter and in 1800's the house was remodelled in the Tudorbethan style.

In around 1863 Clara Thomas was the last person of nobility to live in the house which she did until 1914 when Clara died, and her estate was divided amongst her family. The Evan-Thomas family bought and restored the house and used it as a shooting estate.

In 1958 the house was sold at auction and bought by Mrs Carrel who lived in the property until 1977 when it was taken over by another family until the early 2000's when the house lay empty.

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