Kielder Castle - Kielder, Northumberland
Dare you spend the night in this haunted castle and will you encounter the malevolent spirit who resides here?

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Kielder Castle lies hidden and isolated deep in the Northumberland woodland. Ghost hunts here are rare and the building sits on the site of a burial ground dating back to 3000BC. The vast array of frightening rooms to investigate on overnight ghost hunts will astound you and you can then sleep in the castle after your ghost hunt until the sun comes up. Dare you spend the night in the Haunted Kielder Castle and will you encounter the malevolant spirit who made his presence felt on our very first investigation. Join us and find out. You can even sleepover in one of the haunted halls.

Kielder Castle

Ghosts of Kielder Castle

Visitors and occupiers of the castle tell tales of objects being moved, apparitions, disembodied footsteps and unexplained voices, psychic investigator spent little more than an hour at the Castle before fleeing in fear. The castle is reputedly haunted by a grey lady and a servant girl named Emma and the sound of footsteps have been reported running up and down the main stairs when nobody was there. Light anomalies have been witnessed, noises heard in the attic room and shadows have been seen in the bird room.

With so much reported activity, Kielder Castle is certainly worthy of an overnight ghost hunt investigation. Areas to investigate include an auditorium, master bedroom, 2 attic spaces, the Kitchen and the Dukes study, plus many more. Join Haunted Happenings for a terrifying ghost hunt at Kielder Castle and discover the ghosts of Kielder Castle for yourself.

History of Kielder Castle

Kielder Castle was built in 1775 by architect William Newton from a design of the Duke of Northumberland. The Castle was built in the Gothic style, and used as a shooting box. The castle was rebuilt in the mid 19th century and although the exact date of this work is unknown is seems to have been completed by 1867. The castle was little used in the 20th century following its sale to the Forestry Commission in 1932. However, it was converted into a visitor centre in the 1980s and 90s. Kielder Castle is a Grade II Listed Building so preserving the history of Kielder Castle

Kielder Castle Visitor Centre is an 18th-century hunting lodge built by the Duke of Northumberland, which has been converted into a visitor and information centre. It is located on the edge of Kielder Village at the head of the River North Tyne valley. The Castle serves as a hub for the growing number of recreational facilities on offer, walking and cycling trails, picnic areas and a forest drive. A great football match is reported to have taken place between the men of Tynedale and Redesdale at Kielder Castle in 1790.

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