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With two very successful Transylvania ghost tours under our belt, Haunted Happenings are returning.  Join us as we venture back into Transylvania and spend the night ghost hunting exclusively at Bran Castle.  These tours will take you on a fantastic sightseeing experience taking in some of Romanias most remarkable historic buildings including the Royal Palaces, ancient monuments and medieval citadels.    These include a fascinating visit to the final resting place of Vlad The Impaler whose headless body lies in a Monastery that sits on its own island in the middle of a lake.  We will also be visiting The Royal Palaces of Sinai which display wealth and beauty beyond belief and the Ancient Citadels that depict the Romanian existence from bygone years. 

We will be flying from Luton Airport to Bucharest in Romania where we will be met by our very comfortable air conditioned tour bus and wonderful English speaking guide who will be accompanying us throughout our tour. 32kg luggage allowance for every guest.

Transylvania 2016 will include TWO TOURS, Tour One being in May, for 3 nights and Tour Two at Halloween.  The Two Tours are very different but both include an exclusive overnight ghost hunt at Bran Castle.  Halloween also includes the Vampire Ball on Saturday October 29th and is for 4 nights.  Full details for each tour are below.  Please book the tour of your choice or contact us for more information.

Testimonials from our Guests

"It was a great trip, and I feel lucky and blessed to have had the chance to go and experience such a beautiful country and the chance of being in Bran Castle in pitch black. The whole experience was amazing and personal messages are an added bonus along with making new friends and my 'bromance' (even though we not blokes ha) will continue forever, complete click of friendship. Thank you once again for an amazing trip

"Had such an amazing time and you were all such great hosts. It was an absolute pleasure! I do wish you all the very best and would definitely go on another adventure with you. The group was lovely too and it was great getting to know everyone". 

The team from Haunted Happenings evidentially had put a lot of effort into making sure the maximum was achieved from the weekend with plenty of sights to see and with the help of a very knowledgeable tour guide we learnt a lot about the history of such and wonderful place, and of course the main event being the ghost investigation of Bran Castle by night at which we were not disappointed! Again the team made sure in the time we had that we covered as much of the castle as possible so we gained as much experiences as possible.


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