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The Spirit House is fast becoming one of the most actively haunted houses in the Midlands. Built in Tudor times from some of the remaining stones of the old Evesham Abbey, The Spirit House is a place full of secrets. Home to more than a few spirits and at the mercy of a malevolent Poltergeist it is renowned for its terrifying hauntings.  Built around 1544 The Spirit House has borne witness to many deaths.  It has a daunting cellar where people have left terrified after seeing chairs and tables moving on their own along with the sounds of a child crying.  Others have seen terrifying red eyes staring out in the darkness. 

The Spirit House sits in the riverside town of Evesham a town that has seen its fair share of barbaric wars and murderous battles.  Just outside of Evesham many hundreds were beheaded and dismembered during the Battle of Evesham, a bloody battle involving Simon DeMontfort, the Sixth Earl of Leicester.  The Cellar of The Spirit House is said to be formed by the stones that were left from the Old Abbey during the dissoluition of the Monasterys.  This old house really does have secrets to tell and by the looks of things there are many spirits lurking here who are ready to tell their tale.

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