The Block Ghost Hunts - Burton on Trent

The Block - A sinister and vast abandoned building sitting in the heart of Burton on Trent. This new location for Spooky Nights and Haunted Happenings ticks all of the boxes for a successful if not daunting overnight ghost hunt investigation. There is an attic area that is so creepy you will find yourself hovering around the doorway, EVP's in this area have thrown up a confusion of languages.

The Block is a very dismal and vast location which is so intense it is almost impossible to walk around this building alone. Watch as the door in the top attic opens and closes on demand and decide for yourself whether this is paranormal or not. Join the Team as we take you on a journey which will leave you in no doubt about the existence of ghosts and spirits. The Block is a fantastic location for all those who are brave enough to withstand the intense activity experienced here.

Location Address

The Block Ghost Hunts
HH & Spooky Nights Ltd
Parklands Connexion,
Stanhope Street,
Long Eaton,
NG10 4QN,
Tel: 0115 9720570,
Mobile: 07837 845912
Tel: 0115 9720570
Mobile: 07837 845912
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