St Mary's Guildhall Ghost Hunts - Coventry, Warwickshire

St Mary’s Guildhall was first built in the 1340's and there is no doubt that our overnight ghost hunt at St Mary's Guildhall could be terrifying and we are definitely going with some trepidation. There has been so much activity here that we know it is going to be an event full of action. We intend to carry out a séance in the undercroft and try to elicit some paranormal activity where we know many sightings of monks have been seen. Unlawful hangings, cold spots and poltergeist activity have all been experienced here at St. Mary’s Guildhall. Monks have been seen wandering through the undercroft. We will be taking you on a ghost hunt event that will leave you in doubt whatsoever that ghosts and spirits do exist so prepared to be terrified. Join the Haunted Happenings team to see if you will meet the ghostly figures and spirits that reside here.

We are also going to watch our guests very carefully to see if their mood changes in areas where people have felt unusually very sad. The cloisters has seen some spectral activity where a man dressed in period clothes has been seen regularly. 

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