St Catherines Ghost Hunts - Doncaster

St Catherine's former Hospital and Sanatorium is a formidable and terrifying location.

The reported paranormal activity that has been experienced at this Victorian Institution has been overwhelming with voices, cries, screams and full apparitions been witnessed by many. There are so many areas that even staff who work there today will never go into due to the intense fear that is associated with some of the rooms.  St Catherine's House was once used as a Mental Health Facility in Victorian times and currently stands on the original site of a former isolation and sanatorium hospital which was built between 1835 and 1843. It became known as St Catherine's Hospital in 1959. 

St Catherine's House stands alone and foreboding and is not a place where people wish to go alone.  Do you have what it takes to spend the night here, confronting the ghosts and spirits that lurk at St Catherines Hospital?

Ghost hunting at St Catherine's is a must for anybody who has an interest in the paranormal. The activity witnessed here can be a chilling experience and our overnight ghost hunts at St Catherine's Hospital give you the opportunity to spend the night in a haunted hospital taking part in a real ghost hunting experience.

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