Heskin Hall Ghost Hunts - Lancashire

Heskin Hall in Chorley, Lancashire is a haunted old manor house that now houses some amazing artefacts. If you are afraid of Annabelle dolls and Clowns then these are the rooms to avoid. Spooky Nights overnight ghost hunts at Heskin Hall will test even the hardiest ghost hunter. The haunted mansion stands in its own grounds and has links to royalty and Cromwell.

The estate has passed through many hands over the centuries and has seen its fair share of executions, murders and sinister activities. The spirit of a young girl is thought to be heard crying out and the footsteps of soldiers can be heard marching on the driveway. Furniture rattles for no reason and things fly out at you as if a spirit is annoyed by your actions. This ghost hunt will be an experience like no other as you carry out vigils amongst some truly amazing artefacts. However, like we mentioned earlier, beware of the Annabel Dolls and Clowns who sit staring at you eerily from their cabinets.

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