Hell House - Skegness

Hell hath no fury like a spirit scorned and 81 Skegness Road is allegedly home to a very, very angry spirit. This house is becoming so notorious for its paranormal activity that ghost hunters everywhere are desperate to find out what is going on. The level of ghostly activity is immeasurable, from faces being seen to objects being thrown or moved right in front of your eyes.  Particularly eerie is the attic area and if you can imagine that a child used to inhabit this space and could have been subjected to some or even all of the poltergeist activity, it is a terrifying thought.

This house leaves us in no doubt that there are a number of spirits haunting here. However, there is a dominant entity that really does make his presence felt and has even been seen staring in the mirror. Cupboard doors open and objects glide across the shelf, it really has to be seen to be believed.

We are taking a few ghost hunters at a time to investigate this sinister house where we will hopefully be able to find some answers. The biggest question is – Will you have what it takes to spend the night at 81 Skegness Road?

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Hell House
81 Skegness Road
Burgh Le Marsh
PE24 5LL
Tel: 0115 9720570
Mobile: 07837 845912
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